Nordic Style Reinvents Itself

Discover the tricks to give your home a twist. The Nordic style continuously reinvents itself and you're going to love the way it does it!
Nordic Style Reinvents Itself

Last update: 22 June, 2021

The simplicity of its lines, the neutral and warm colors, the natural materials…after several years of being the favorite of many, the Nordic style reinvents itself continuously. It offers the charm of always, but with new formulas.

Dare to give your home a twist, to make it super cozy, so that you can enjoy each of your spaces like never before? Watch trends evolve and sign up for one of the easiest and most desirable styles of all.

Nordic style reinvents itself

Nordic style decoration.

Simple, but elegant and welcoming. The Nordic style is very easy to recognize thanks to its discreet and bright charm, which is why it’s become a favorite of many. The white color, the clarity, and the nobility of the materials hardly go out of style.

However, decorative styles are susceptible to trends and this one is no exception. As a result, other colors are added, light colored woods combine with darker furniture, and pastel tones are comfortably installed in accessories.

But that’s not all. Ethnic motifs can add flavor to this pristine style to brighten up sofas, floors and beds. We propose you renew your home with these elements that’ll give it a more modern and cheerful air.

Matter of colors

The everlasting white continues to be the king of the mambo, especially when it’s allied with gray and black. However, the different nuances of this color have made their way into the most cosmopolitan spaces where it’s seen to be dusty with pearly nuances that make it less cold.

On the other hand, colors inspired by nature coexist in harmony: green, brown, beige, certain shades of blue…all of them become the new must for Scandinavian decoration, although the favorites are pastel colors that have made a niche for themselves in this style giving rise to soft Nordic .

You’ll see them filling environments with their dusty tones and their luminous delicacy. This new color palette gives it a retro vibe and relaxes the shapes.

The Nordic style reinvents itself and becomes more ethnic

The mud cloth arrived several seasons ago in the most Bohemian of homes. Its geometric shapes and warm colors conquered the decorators, but now they also seduce the Nordic style.

You can put cushions, rugs, or decorative details of these textiles originating in Africa in small doses to give your living room that extra style.

Nature in the Nordic style.

The darker wood

Wood stained in more intense tones adds warmth and personality to Nordic spaces.

You can combine it with light wood and with white. There are even interior designers who opt for the most radical contrast and include some touches of black to completely modernize spaces.

Nordic style reinvents itself with the help of metal

Metallic finishes become brilliant complements with which you can spice up the renewed Nordic style. Copper, so reminiscent of Millenial Pink, takes over homes.

The Nordic style is reinvented with bright, ethnic details, soft colors and a bit of contrast. This is always a safe bet, since it appeals to everyone and fits great in any space.

If you’re already a fan of this trend, or if you want to jump on the bandwagon, use these tips to have the comfortable and functional home that you always dreamed of. What are you waiting for?

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