The Retro Style - A World of Combinations

Are you familiar with the retro style? If your answer is no, don't worry! In this article, we're going to give you some ideas so that you can recreate this style in your home.
The Retro Style - A World of Combinations

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Many people enjoy the retro style because it makes them feel nostalgic. However, this decor style goes beyond that. It aims to create a specific atmosphere through the use of furniture and objects designed between the 1920s and 1970s.

The essential thing that you must take into account to carry out this style is understanding the main contributions that were made to the world of design in those fifty years.

The retro style and its characteristic personality

Orange decor.

Bear in mind that creating atmospheres inspired by the retro style doesn’t mean accumulating classic 20th-century objects with no organization. At the same time, it’s not about cloning the old styles to bring them to today either.

The retro style works best when it takes items from each era as inspiration and is portrayed in a contemporary, functional and original setting. By doing this, you won’t be disappointed with the results!

It’s important to know that it’s possible to create a retro decor in any space, regardless of whether it’s an old or modern setting. It’s all a matter of testing the waters and seeing if you like it.

But make sure you don’t go overboard. Not every element has to go with this style for the place to look retro-inspired. There are limits in decoration – make sure to respect them!

Don’t forget to follow a pattern to get all the elements to fit. In other words, avoid having too much furniture or too many objects in one single space. Doing this will make the area look chaotic and unorganized.

Retro style – furniture

The main items to create a retro atmosphere are classic pieces of furniture. Those that were used during the 20th century for the next fifty years.

We must mention that the furniture manufactured at that time can be really expensive today. Since it’s considered classic, people sell it at very high prices. For this reason, we believe it’s better to buy second-hand furniture since it’s much more affordable and easier to get ahold of.

You can combine classic pieces with modern furniture and make it look amazing. Many designers recommend doing this since it gives the whole room a more balanced look.

We advise you to have a few carefully selected pieces and focus the attention on them. This option will give you great results.

Design classics

A barcelona chair.

The main designers of this time created furniture models that, to this day, many people consider to be staples when it comes to retro settings.

Some of these classics are authentic works of art. Continue reading to learn about some of the pieces that symbolize an entire epoch and continue to do so.

  • The Barcelona chair designed by architect Mies Van der Rohe for the German pavilion of the Barcelona International Exposition in 1929.
  • The Marshmallow sofa made by George Nelson in 1956.
  • The fiberglass rocker (1950) was a reinterpretation of Charles Eames’ classic rocking chair.
  • The Diamond armchair is the great classic created in 1950 by Harry Bertoia.
  • Hans Wegner’s chair, created in 1963, is an example of modern wood design.
  • The Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer, created in 1925, was the first-ever piece of furniture made of a steel tube.

Retro style – special details

A vintage phone, a great staple in the retro style.

In addition to the furniture, there are a large number of objects that help recreate the retro style. In this section, you can find household appliances, clocks, ashtrays, telephones, vases, and other objects.

On one hand, many of them, which are the work of famous designers, have become collectors’ items. On the other hand, other objects can be found in thrift stores at affordable prices.

Metals, such as aluminum, stand out in this category. We must also mention vinyl and leather, two fabrics that are very distinctive in retro decoration. However, the most interesting aspect here is the combination of several of these materials in the same decorative element.

Don’t forget to use velvet and plush, as they’re two very popular textures when it comes to retro decor. Once you try them out, you’ll see how they give a unique vibe to the whole environment.

When it comes to accessories, glass and crystal are great to achieve this aesthetic. Placing Murano glass or glass vases in strong colors in a strategic spot will make the area stand out even more.

Eye-catching colors

Retro interiors often feature eye-catching colors, as well as bold combinations. Ivory, brown, ocher, and some pastel shades are quite common.

The combination of white with red or black (or with both) is also widely used. If you wish to create fun contrasts, you ought to combine turquoise with fuchsia or lime green.

Striking prints with geometric shapes appear in enamels, upholstery, rugs, and wallpapers.

Are you into the retro style? If so, follow our advice and remember that to achieve this look, it’s essential not to over-saturate the space.