White and Wood: The Decor Combination That Works

This duo is a favorite for interior designers. White and wood works well together and can be adapted to any space. It's a winning combination.
White and Wood: The Decor Combination That Works

Last update: 10 June, 2021

If there’s an infallible decor combination, it’s the one formed by white and wood. They’re two great friends capable of living together and bringing warmth, elegance, and modernity to any space. Therefore, we’re going to tell you how to use them to your advantage to create a beautiful new look.

You’ll see how this can be applied to every room in your home and how well this winning duo works. If you’re a fan of Nordic simplicity and want to give your decor a twist, keep reading!

White and wood: a triumphant duo

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The decorative alliance formed by white and wood is eternal, safe, and capable of bringing warmth and light to any space. We’ll give you some great ideas to put into practice in every corner of your home. You’ll discover how this combination can transform each environment and fill it with vitality.

A hallway in white and wood

Undoubtedly, the hallway is one area that deserves the most attention, although it’s sometimes forgotten. The hallway is the first room you see when you enter your home. It should convey your essence and well-being alongside being as practical as possible.

If your hallway is small, white is the most suitable color. In addition to painting the walls, we suggest you install a piece of furniture that mixes white and wood. An example would be a bench where you can leave your accessories and also sit down to remove your shoes.

If your flooring is parquet or laminated wood, even better! You can add a rug in ecru tones, a basket, and a lamp for an impeccable atmosphere.

The brightest living room in the world

If you’ve got open spaces and you want to differentiate each area of your home, this combination will make things easier for you. If your walls and floors are white, a large wooden shelf is the perfect complement, creates a feeling of unity, and gives privacy to each area.

Another way to use this formula is through furniture. If you bet on a white or beige sofa, we recommend contrasting it, either with wood or with furniture of the same color. Use a simple coffee table that matches your auxiliary tables, while adding textiles with a subtle and warm print.

A bedroom to dream about

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Wood in the bedroom always looks great, thanks to its ability to create warmer environments. If you can, we suggest using wood for ceilings, doors, windows, and floors. Also, you can add a splash of white to your bedding and furniture.

If you like total white, another alternative is to paint the bedroom completely in white and opt for some wooden bedside tables. You can also use a large mirror and hang some pictures in wooden frames on the walls.

Use white and wood in the kitchen

Do you like kitchens that combine simplicity and practicality? Depending on the finish you give it, you can create a rustic or modern kitchen.

The combination of these two options will make regrets impossible. This is because wood never goes out of style, it’s elegant and goes with any decorative detail.

If you use slatted door fronts and iron handles, you’ll have an original and capable village kitchen. On the other hand, if you prefer smooth finishes and hidden handles, you’ll create a modern look.

White and wood also works in the bathroom

If your bathroom is small, gain meters by painting it white and choosing furniture in the same color. Add a note of warmth with the details, it can be a wooden mirror and a shelf that can be used for storage with baskets made of natural fibers.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most pleasing combinations. White and wood can be your faithful companions throughout the years and, as you’ve seen, they look great in any room.

Try to make this combination your protagonist and add touches of color through your accessories. As for the type and tone of the wood, it’ll all depend on the effect you want to achieve.