Nordic style: Everything you Should Know

This style is based around light giving the room a touch of excellence. Light colors, luminosity, tranquility...all of the qualities we want in our home. 
Nordic style: Everything you Should Know

Last update: 28 December, 2018

Nordic style began at the beginning of the 20th century in the cold countries of northern Europe; Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. These places have no natural light for most of the day. Their winters are also long and cold.

The idea of this style is to not fill the space with unnecessary items. That’s why it calls for minimalism in all its forms. It’s based mainly on the color white, straight lines and functionality. It’s warm, full of personality and light.

This is one of the most popular styles in the world. Below are the main characteristics of the Nordic style.

The color white is the most important

The trademark of the Nordic style is the color white. The walls are usually white so that the rooms radiate light. However, to give the room a touch of modernity and color, people are now using white wallpaper with a pattern.

White reinforces the sensation of visual cleanliness and multiplies the light. But that doesn’t mean that black and other dark colors aren’t used. The most muted tones are also often found in the wallpaper of these types of rooms.

This is often seen on the main walls of the room, where the sofa or the headboard are placed. This results in a feeling of warmth and life. But the truth is that the pure white is giving way to other options.

It’s now very common to see metallic colors like gold, silver and copper. This gives the room more brilliance as well as an industrial look.

If you don’t like the idea of so much white in your home, you can add gray or beige to your walls, or find furniture and accessories in those colors.

Or, if you want to add a touch of a darker color, brown is also a very good option. It’s very common to see tables in dark tones with white chairs. With this combination, the dark colors stand out more and it stands out more in the decoration.

More and more light

It doesn’t matter if it’s natural or artificial light. The most important characteristic of this style is that the light takes over the room. Like we said before, this style originated in northern European countries where light is scarce. That’s why light is so precious and important in their homes.

In order to fill your space with plenty of light, it’s important that you avoid dark colored curtains. This will help you channel the light into all of your rooms. At night, you have to intensify the focus of the light. Ceiling, bedside or standing lamps are a great idea.

To make the space warmer, you can also use candles, lanterns or candlesticks throughout the house. It will flood the atmosphere with warmth.

Minimalism in its purest state

Nordic decoration is synonymous with minimalism. The key is to not fill the space with furniture or other items. You want to get the most out of the few items you have in the room.

Another basic premise of this style is to not have anything in your house that you don’t use or that doesn’t have a specific purpose. This is a great advantage because you’ll be able to invest more money in the furniture you like the most. 

To follow the minimalist concept, choose light colored furniture and straight lines. Make sure the pieces are comfortable and functional so that you’re decoration is also practical. This furniture will give the room a very elegant look, even thought it’s very simple.

Fundamental elements for the Nordic style

Natural elements are very important in Nordic style decorating. They bring clarity and a natural feel to the rooms. 


Wood is the most popular material in this style. It gives a little hardiness to this light and calm style.

Mainly lighter tones are used since they’re more commonly found in the forests of Nordic countries. Wood was always used by itself. However, it’s becoming more common to combine it with metal, marble or cement.


Plants are another great accessory to use in this style. They’re a great addition if you want to create a 100% natural environment.

They’re the basis of Nordic style. You can also combine them depending on the season. The most common option is to decorate with a lot of green plants. However, if you live near a forest or countryside, you can also decorate with wild flowers.

If you live in a cold place, plastic plants are also a great option.

When it comes to accessories, less is more

An accessory that is often found in Nordic style decorating is textiles. Blankets, rugs and curtains add comfort to your home. The most common materials are skins or fabrics with hair, thick wool, cotton or linen.

Another basic detail found in this style are paintings and portraits. They add color and contrast to the white walls. You can get frames of different sizes and combine them to make a mural on the wall. As for the color, you should opt for dark frames so they stand out from the rest of the room.

Nordic style is one of the most fashionable styles. It’s common to see this type of style in houses, shops, cafes and restaurants since it provides spaces with a warm and comfortable environment.

If you don’t want to completely transform your home with this style, you can just include some Nordic touches or distribute it according to your tastes. 

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