Suggestions for Decor with Gold and Silver

To achieve a decor with a luminescent and elegant touch, you could turn to metallic colors, especially gold and silver. Read on to find out how to achieve a spectacular result.
Suggestions for Decor with Gold and Silver

Last update: 06 December, 2018

Decorating with gold and silver can be much easier than it might at first seem. But we often make mistakes with regards to the quantity.

Although metallic colors can add sophistication and refinement to interior decor, that doesn’t mean to say that it works in every house or in every detail of the furnishings.

On the other hand, metallic colors are often only linked with Christmas. It’s thought that if these colors are in your decor all year round, it could give a somewhat festive spirit that’s out of character. But nothing could be further than the truth, as long as there’s a certain balance. Below, let’s see what’s behind decor that includes gold and silver.

What do these colors transmit?

In the first place, metallic colors, especially gold and silver, are colors that transmit a sense of abundance, richness, and power. For that reason, when they are included as part of the interior decor, they add a certain sumptuousness to the home.

Add a few gold and silver touches for a classy decor

Throughout history, gold and silver have been used particularly in religious and royal settings. That especially applies to the color gold, since it’s closely associated with the concepts of light and the splendor of the sun. If you notice, crowns of kings and the halos of saints are always made of gold.

For its part, silver has also been a color that’s been used in heraldry, precious metal craftsmanship, and the fabrication of objects of high quality in general, including swords.

While gold is associated with sunlight, silver tends to be more associated with the brilliance of the moon. Hence, silver is a softer color and with a different kind of energy.

Suggestions for decorating with gold and silver

1. Moderation

To create interior decor using gold and silver, it’s necessary to take into account certain limitations. To start with, it’s very important to use these colors in moderation, or in small amounts. This is due to the fact that a room with too much can easily be saturated and appear gaudy.

We recommend that you add just a few metallic colored accessories to your home. For example, you could include vases, mirrors with gilded frames, sculptures, or lamps.

One modern trick that gives stylish results consists of taking advantage of metallic detail in pieces of furniture. These could be things like the legs of a chair or the base of a table, as decorative items.

2. Integrate natural items

Since metallic colors can sometimes appear cold, it’s fundamental to integrate them with natural objects. These can be things such as textiles, wicker, timber, and even plants. Including these can soften the effect of the gold or silver. This doesn’t mean you have to use rustic style decor. Rather, it means adding visual interest by incorporating certain items with different textures.

You should include some bright color such as turquoise and some natural items such as plants to balance out a decor including gold and silver

3. Mix up the finishes

In line with what we’ve established with the two previous suggestions, one tip is that you don’t stick with just one type of finish. For example, what if you were to decorate your living room with gold colored accessories, with everything bright and shiny? The resulting effect could be somewhat overwhelming. Too much brilliance together.

It’s a good idea to use different textures in gold and silver and to mix them up. This will achieve a decor that is not boring and will appear much more harmonious. With that end goal, you could include some decorative pieces with a brilliant or shiny finish, together with other objects with a matte or aged effect.

Gold and silver details in furnishings can subtly enrich
a room’s decor

4. Don’t exclude other colors

White is a common wall color because it’s an easy answer. Although it’s a neutral color that perfectly goes with any other color, if you combine it with gold and silver, it can transmit a sensation of a room that’s cold.

In place of only using white and gold, for example, one suggestion is to introduce another color, to soften the whole. Some options could be beige, cream, vanilla, lilac, salmon pink, and certain other shades of pink.

Often, a neutral color palette with colder tones is ideal to go with colors such as gold and silver. However, there’s no good reason to exclude other colors.

In fact, you could achieve spectacular results with colors such as purple, red, and even black. The key is in being assertive with the amount of color you want to include in the room.

A gold and silver decor could look great with some earthy tones and an elegant touch of dark grey

The warmth of earthy tones will add balance to interior decors with metallic tones; therefore, they are really a winning formula.

Final considerations

To make sure your decor with metallic colors is perfect, you should take into account one last aspect. If you want to include pastel colors in your decor, you should just use certain shades of these. If you use the most popular pastel colors, above all rose pink, instead of achieving a romantic effect, it could really just turn out a little tacky.

Unless what you want is to achieve the shabby chic style, or recreate the atmosphere of the palace at Versailles during the eighteenth century, you should avoid using gold or silver together with the excessive use of pastel colors.

There are many options available to you when you want to decorate with gold and silver. You should take the time to search for the color combination you like best and that will suit your home.

Lastly, it’s fitting to remember that it’s essential to maintain a balance. You should avoid brusque transitions between the different rooms of your house.


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