3 Decor Tips for Using Purple in Your Rooms

Purple is a hot color this year. Now it's a great choice for your rooms' decor.
3 Decor Tips for Using Purple in Your Rooms

Last update: 02 December, 2018

Did you know that Pantone declared purple as the color of the year? Ultra-violet, to be specific and it’s one of the hottest colors in the world of decor right now. Far from a coincidence, its popularity makes complete sense.

Purple is a color that can completely change a room and it can also give rooms a spark of fun, original color. If you want to use it in your home, we’ll explain just how to do so below.

1. Purple and white, the perfect combo

The color purple is very intense. Consequently, using it with lighter colors, like white, is the best way to go. The balance between the two colors is perfect.

The room in the image below shows you an example of how to decorate with purple tonesIt uses darker tones in a handful of areas throughout the room. The rest of the room’s elements are in white for two reasons.

Purple room example

The first reason is that a completely purple room would be too dark or harsh, and even more so depending on the intensity of the purple that you choose. So in these rooms, white is perfect for adding brightness and creating visual space.

The second reason is that this room was designed to highlight the color purple, and it’s a complete success. If the room had other strong colors as well, purple wouldn’t be the room’s main feature.

2. Decorating with opposite colors

When we start decorating a room, we generally use a palette of just one color. As a result, we end up with a monochrome room that has varying intensities of that one color. If you’re looking for something different and original that has a light effect, we suggest using complementary colors.

Using complementary colors in decor is very original and just the idea for only our most daring readers.

Purple’s complementary color is yellow. They’re two completely opposite colors that go together perfectly, resulting in decor that’s original and bright. We love this color combination for children’s bedrooms, studies or playrooms. Break free from the typical color palettes and play around with complementary colors.

Purple complementary colors

To use a set of bold colors together, use white, brown or ocher as your base color, just like you see above in the example image. Additionally, we also love the wood floor here because it adds warmth to the room.

3. Use purple for an elegant room

So far, we’ve been looking at purple in fun, young rooms. Now, we’re going to take a look at how we can also use purple atthe opposite end of the spectrum. One of purple’s best attributes is its versatility. You can use it in diverse ways that give rooms completely different results.

Next, we’re going to see an example using a darker shade of purple along with a bluish shade. Unlike the rooms above, this room only uses dark colors. You should only use this option if you have a spacious, well-lit room. Otherwise, it will create an uncomfortable space that’s a little overwhelming and dark.

Purple dark

As for the decorative elements, all of them are golden. This is the perfect color combination: It creates contrast, which breaks up the purple as well as adding the elegance that the room was looking for. The yellow line details in the painting and the bottom of the flower vase on the nightstand create harmony between all of the room’s decorative elements.

After analyzing these different rooms where purple was the star, we can understand why Pantone selected it as the color of the year. There aren’t a lot of colors that are so versatile so as to offer a plethora of possibilities for decor. Following the pointers from our blog today, you can decorate your rooms as beautifully as the ones we’ve shown you.

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