Discover New Ways to Use Wood for Your Walls and Floors

Thanks to these wood ideas for walls and floors, any room can look perfect. Use wood for a beautiful home.
Discover New Ways to Use Wood for Your Walls and Floors

Last update: 07 November, 2018

Using wood for your home walls and floors is more than just an interesting idea. Wood can add warmth to your rooms and installing it is easier than you’d think. Thanks to these decor ideas, wooden walls and floors will look perfect in any setting. Enjoy all of the qualities that this material has to offer your home.

Why should you use wood for your walls and floors?

You don’t need to live in the middle of the woods to enjoy wooden decor. If you’re interested in using wood for your walls and floors, you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits:

1. Natural and cozy atmosphere

Wood walls and floors can help us feel in sync with nature. They can also create a lovely, cozy space… Especially if you use them with a beautiful fireplace!

2. Wood goes with most styles

In addition to the country or Nordic styles, you can also use wood for walls and floors with other decor styles, even modern and minimalist ones.

3. Insulation benefits

Wooden panels, along with wooden floors, provide sound and heat insulation. Thus, they’re perfect for a movie or TV room as well as for the living or dining room. You’ll be able to block out the noise from the street in addition to keeping your house warm during the winter.

4. Double the light

If you choose lighter colored woods like pine, you could add more light to your rooms. Their brightening quality makes them more and more popular in homes that only have one big room with windows. Light colored wood will also add a feeling of freshness while providing warmth and elegance at the same time.

Wall and floor decoration

Wood makes walls and floors look fabulous as it’s a noble and versatile material. If you want to use it for your home, here are some ideas:

1. Mid-length walls

You don’t have to completely cover your walls with wood panels from floor to ceiling. Instead, you could try installing them just from the floor to the middle of the wall, or from the middle of the wall until the beams or ceiling.

2. Never-ending floor

In modern homes where the exterior and interior sections are divided only by a large glass window, you can create more visual space by using the same type of wood for all of your flooring.

By doing so, all of the rooms work together as well as with the garden.

Wood never ending floor

3. Pallets

Who says that we have to spend a fortune to use wood for walls and floors? We also have DIY options at our disposal, among them is recycling the oh-so-trendy palletsSeparate the pallets, bleach and varnish them (or paint them in any color you like). After, place them wherever you wish.

4. Indoor or outdoor entrance

If the first thing that greets guests is wood, an entrance can leave a very friendly, cozy impression. You can use wood for exterior floors and walls (along with a robust door) or for the interior entrance, painted in different colors.

5. Also in bathrooms and kitchens

You might not believe it, but bathrooms that use wood decor look fantastic, though you’ll have to contrast the look with modern elements. A wooden floor looks amazing with a grey or blue mosaic wall.

As for kitchens, wood doesn’t just work for pantries, bar and dining tables, but it also works perfectly for empty walls and, of course, for floors. You need to give the wood a treatment that’ll enable it to withstand the deep cleaning that your kitchen requires as it’s an area that gets dirty quick.

6. And why not in the bedroom?

We can create a very country, natural-style bedroom. Or, we could use wooden boards to make a modern, or even minimalist, space. It all depends on which kind of furniture we use, the colors that we choose, and the objects that we use to decorate.

Try using wood for your walls and floors. There are thousands of options and you could create incredibly beautiful spaces just the way you want them, without having to spend a fortune. You could paint them however you like!

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