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Achieving harmonious and aesthetic spaces at home is a way to promote well-being. However, we know that intervening in each of the areas of the house can be tedious when you don't know certain basic concepts regarding decoration and interior design. That's why we've prepared complete guides to answer all your questions.

For more than 5 years, we’ve worked hand in hand with journalists, architects, interior designers, and other professionals in the decoration area to build a complete library with nearly 1,100 entries whose purpose is to inspire, encourage creativity, and help make the most of all indoor and outdoor spaces.

In Decor Tips, we bring together the experience of design, architecture, and journalism professionals to offer the best guides on decorating, gardening, DIY, and other areas that allow us to make the spaces of a home comfortable and attractive and adapt them to different trends.

In our reports, we disclose information on various topics related to interior design, such as decorating styles, architecture, crafts, gardens and exteriors, offices, among others. Looking for inspiration? Stick around and discover hundreds of ideas!

Our community

During these years of work, we’ve built a community composed of lovers of decoration, design, crafts, architecture, art, as well as ordinary people who are simply looking for inspiration to implement in their homes or offices. Therefore, our website has reached up to 17,000 monthly visits and our community has a great presence in our main social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Our values

At Decor Tips, we know the impact that our content generates by reaching thousands of readers. That's why, through our content, we promote various values, such as respect, inclusion, diversity, creativity, enthusiasm, and self-confidence. We seek to inspire all communities and, above all, leave a positive footprint.

Editorial commitment
Editorial commitment

We're committed to accessible and quality information. Therefore, our team works constantly to deliver rigorous, innovative, and useful content and information to our readers.

Quality guaranteed
Quality guaranteed

In addition to incorporating the experiences of ordinary people, we complement the quality of the contents with the opinion of professionals in each area, including architects, designers, interior designers, and journalists.

Expert verification
Expert verification

Our editorial team brings together editors, publishers, and design and decoration professionals to create, review in depth, and verify the quality of our publications. Our goal is to provide reliable and valuable information.

Content aligned with its importance

We have a rigorous editorial process that allows us to provide understandable and useful content that responds to the search intentions of our readers. In addition, we employ friendly language in order to connect with our entire community.


Our articles are informative, and most of them are based on professional criteria. However, we also take into account the experiences of our readers.


We ensure that the accuracy and quality of the information we publish is backed by the review of industry professionals.


Our contents are diverse and inclusive, as we integrate different voices, such as ordinary people and professionals in the fields of design, architecture, and art.

Our experts

Our team of professionals in design, interior design, architecture, art, among other areas, share their experience to inspire and provide our readers with the best answers.

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