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Our team of decorating experts has extensive experience in the field, both in research and in private and public professional practice, and works to ensure that each article is supported by current trends and studies in the world of decorating. Our goal is to provide our readers with quality information so they can make informed decisions about how to decorate their homes beautifully and functionally.

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At Decortips, through our rigorous selection processes, we ensure that each professional on our team has the proper training and extensive work experience to validate and verify that the information in our decorating articles meets quality standards. That is why our team of decorating experts has a wide and varied experience in the area, both in research and in private and public professional practice.

Our team of experts verifies the information in all our content to ensure its quality. Prior to each publication, our team evaluates each article to ensure that the information is accurate, up-to-date and supported by current research and trends in the decorating world. All content is continually reviewed to ensure that our readers receive quality information tailored to the latest trends in the decorating field.

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Goretti Ayubes

Interior architecture

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Francisco Jiménez

History of art