Decorate With Ferns: How to Use these Plants in your Home

Ferns are the perfect plants for interior decoration. Your can place them in any room, depending on the space and your tastes.
Decorate With Ferns: How to Use these Plants in your Home

Last update: 14 December, 2018

Ferns stand out for the shape of their beautiful leaves. In addition, they grow easily inside and outside. Many people decorate with ferns as they give homes beautiful pops of green.

Many homeowners choose these plants for their homes. You can also buy various different types of it. However, we’ll give you some nice ideas for putting these plants into your home. Using these tips, ferns can help bring nature and freshness to your interior.

Decorate with ferns

You can choose from a variety of ferns to decorate the corners of your home. In addition, you can use planters, pots, and vases to add to the decor. We’ll give you some tips to use these plants to bring nature inside.

Ferns give a green pop to corners.

Hanging flowerpots

A beautiful and conventional option for ferns is to plant them in hanging pots. These can be inside or outside your home. We love this option for the interior because, as the fern begins to grown, the leaves cascade down. Also, this can brighten up a corner of your home.

We recommend that place several hanging pots together at different heights. Also, if you place them next to a large window in your living, they will really stand out.

Ferns in glass jars

Another interesting option is to put ferns in glass jars. There are different ways to do this. You can put the ferns in some soil or just place them in water. Glass jars bring more elegance to this plant and make the green leaves stand out.

Choose large glass jars with interesting designs. This way you can place them on shelves, on the floor, or in hanging glass containers. In addition, you can play with different types of ferns to create a dynamic visual appearance.

Ferns in glass jars can be very elegant.

Give a good first impression with ferns

If you want to highlight the plants in your home, you can place some ferns in the foyer. One or two large planters with ferns can give a great first impression. Also, you can always complement ferns inside with some outside the entrance of your house. choose the right planters and decorate your home with these elegant plants.

Decorating your bathroom with ferns

Ferns need a significant amount of moisture. Because of this, you can put these plants in your bathroom. They, with the steam and humidity of a bathroom, will grow quickly. To decorate your bathroom with ferns, you can put a small pot next to the sink.

If you have shelves, you can always put them in other small vases with different types of ferns. Or if you really want to make an impact, you can use a large planter for a bigger plant. You’ll be able to give your bathroom a fresh, green feel.

Using the leaves

Using the leaves from ferns can be other decorating option.

Another option is to use the fern leaves by themselves to decorate objects you have at home. You can use fresh or dried leave, depending on what you want to decorate. A beautiful alternative is to put some dried ferns on a box.

We recommend that you choose a box with a white background and light wooden frame. Then, you can apply the dried leaves on the white background. Therefore, they’ll contrast and stand out.

Another nice alternative is to use a narrow, tall glass vase. Put in some dried fern leaves. In addition, you can always use other leaves and dried flowers to complement them. Then, you can use this arrangement as a centerpiece.

As you can see, these plants don’t require a lot of maintenance. With water, they will grow properly. Take advantage of these beautiful plants and use them to decorate your home. Choose a type of fern that you like, or use different types. Place them around your home to bring some beautiful green nature inside.