Recycle Glass Jars to Decorate the Shelves in your Home

Do you want to give personality and practicality to the shelves in your home? In this article we will show you some practical and fun ideas to decorate with glass jars.
Recycle Glass Jars to Decorate the Shelves in your Home

Last update: 27 November, 2018

Glass jars are items that can be found in almost any home. You can learn to recycle glass jars and reuse them in useful ways. You could use them to store items or even to use them as decorative items in your home.

If you normally consume foods that come in glass jars, don’t throw them out. There are an infinite variety of options to reuse them within the home.

You could use glass jars with or without a lid. Small ones, medium-sized or large jars. In different shapes and colors.

Generally, glass jars aren’t made with any tint, which is perfect if you want to decorate them and color them to suit your decor. In the following article, we will show you some creative ideas to recycle glass jars. You’ll also see how to use them to decorate the shelves around your house.

Recycle glass jars for the kitchen

In the kitchen, you need to use various storage systems for your cooking implements and foods. With that in mind, glass jars could be a great option to use for storing items for the kitchen.

You could use glass jars to store dry foods or spices in the kitchen

Small jars

If you wish to organize and separate your spices in an orderly way, small glass jars could be your best option. Recycle glass jars and use them to store a separate cooking spice in each one. Glass jars are airtight so they are perfect for keeping your spices fresh. Choose a long shelf and place all the jars in a row. It might help to put the name of the spice on each jar.

This means it will be easier for you to find the condiment or spice you want. At the same time, it will be very aesthetically pleasing. If you want, you could decorate your jars with paint or other decorations.

Medium sized jars

Another interesting option is to choose medium-sized glass jars to store dry foods such as pasta, lentils, beans or even spices. This idea is very practical if you want to save space in your kitchen.

Screw the lids of various glass jars to the bottom of one of your kitchen shelves, leaving a space between each one. Then place the foods you want in each jar, and screw the jars into their respective lids. The jars can hang down below the shelf. This is a very practical and interesting option to save you space and to decorate your kitchen in an original way.

Recycle glass jars for your living room

If you don’t have many objects, sometimes the shelves in your living room can be a little difficult to decorate. So, decorating them with glass jars could be a great idea. Also, if you recycle various glass jars and use them as decorative items, you will be saving money and creating something beautiful.

Paint and play with colors

It’s not really necessary to place or store items inside your jars. If your principal objective is to decorate your shelves, you could opt to paint all the jars and place them in a row along the shelf.

Another pretty option could be to choose just one color and paint the jars in different shades of the same color. For example, dark blue, light blue and sky blue. You could paint jars of the same or different sizes, and play around with the heights and colors to achieve an effect you like on the shelf.

Try painting and decorating glass jars as a feature for your living room shelves

Another option is to use these decorated glass jars as flower holders. You will have created a shelf that’s both colorful and pretty. Get motivated and you’ll see how great these ideas could be in your living room.

Candle holders on your shelves

One very pretty decoration idea is to recycle glass jars and use them as candle holders. There are many different and beautiful ways to do this.

Jars with sand

You could put a little sand inside various glass jars, and then some shells, and on top a pretty white candle. Play around with the different sizes and heights of your jars. If you wish, you could also decorate them, but we recommend you use them without painting since the candle inside will be better illuminated that way. This will really be a nice addition to your shelves.

Hanging jars

Here’s another very pretty option to decorate and beautify the shelves in your living room. Screw some small hooks in a row into the bottom of one of your shelves. Then, attach some glass jars to a strong string or if you like, a fine chain. Put a small candle inside each glass jar, then hang the string of jars on the bottom of the shelf with the hooks.

You will have created a romantic and warm touch to your living room.

Use decorated glass jars as candle holders

Recycle glass jars for children’s bedrooms

You could also use recycled jars to decorate the shelves in your child’s bedroom. One idea you could try is to glue a small plastic animal onto the lid of several jars with superglue. Then, paint with acrylic paint each of the jar lids and animals in the same color. Leave them to dry.

You can make cute personalized jars to store pencils, markers, marbles etc. Place them on the shelf in your child’s room. They will be a fun and pretty feature.

You can create infinite decorations with glass jars. You don’t need many resources if you want to decorate them. Also, without spending a lot of money you will be creating beautiful decorations and making the shelves of your home into a feature of the room.