Botanical Decor to Refresh the Walls of your House

Rejuvenate the walls of your home by giving them a fresh new touch with botanical decor.
Botanical Decor to Refresh the Walls of your House

Last update: 13 December, 2018

Recently, botanical decor has come into fashion. This trend can be incorporated into any corner of the home, since it combines perfectly with any kind of decor and the results are always fantastic. If you want to add a splash of vitality, joy, and freshness to your home, go for botanical decor.

Wallpaper with botanical motifs

Some time ago, wallpaper went out of fashion and was only seen in dated houses. However, now it’s made a comeback thanks to new wallpaper designs appearing on the market. You can find novel and aesthetic designs and patterns. An added benefit is that you can hang it and remove it with ease.

You could include some floral wallpaper in your botanical decor

That’s why one good way to include botanical decor in your home is by means of wallpaper with botanical motifs. These all have in common green tones and prints in the shape of leaves. There are great differences between one wallpaper and the next. You can find almost anything from the most outrageous or extreme patterns right through to the most reserved.

One recommendation is to never paper all of the walls in a room. Why? It could make the room seem much smaller than it really is. It would also most likely appear somewhat visually overwhelming.

The better choice would be to paper one wall, if the wallpaper is particularly striking, and two if it’s more subdued. Then, y ou could paint the rest of the walls in a green tone similar to the leaves on your wallpaper.

Pictures with leaves

One of the most common ways to include botanical decor in your home is by means of incorporating pictures with leaves. These pictures can be very pretty and can be adapted to any decor style. Below, we will show you two different ways to decorate your home with this feature.

With a frame or without, one or several, however you like, botanical themed pictures are in fashion.

DIY frames made out of dry leaves and twigs are a great addition to a botanical decor

Laminated dry leaves

This first idea is DIY, although you could also buy them pre-made. First, find some leaves or pull them off a pot plant. Place them in between the pages of a book, or inside a newspaper, then put books or other heavy objects on top. Let them alone for a few days, and the leaves will dry out. Now you’ll just need to laminate them.

Instead of cutting them out individually after laminating, why not try laminating them in a pattern and then leave the plastic sheet whole? You could put the sheet into a picture frame and hang it on the wall.

Or alternatively, if you cut the leaves out after laminating them, you could put them on a string and put them up on the wall as decoration. You could hang them either as garlands or vertically. This type of decor is especially attractive for homes with a minimalist style.

Pictures in watercolors or acrylics

A much more conventional option is to acquire a painting with botanical motifs. You could frame it to make it more of a feature. One theme that’s currently trending is to combine different types of frames of different sizes.

You can take a look here at some different compositions, frames, and designs that will surely help you to find inspiration. They all create a perfect composition that could be suitable for a hall or entryway.

Indoor plants for botanical decor

Botanical decor wouldn’t be complete without some type of real plant. It would be wise to choose an indoor plant since it will need to survive inside your home. As this article is about how to decorate your walls, let’s look at some different ways to include plants on these surfaces.

The result you could achieve will be an original and different wall since normally pot plants are kept on the floor.

Use creepers and indoor climbing plants for a botanical decor
  • Wall planters. As you can see here, there are a great quantity of different types of wall planters for hanging pot plants. The designs, size, and colors vary greatly. So, you’re sure to find something that will suit the decor of your home.
  • Shelf for pot plants. Another option is to install a small shelf where you can keep various pot plants. If you do so, it’s important that you choose smaller pot plants; otherwise, it could look a little unbalanced.
  • Climbing plants. You could place a creeper or climbing plant on the floor and beside it, on the wall, you could put a trellis for it to grow up. Look for a fine mesh or a pretty trellis, since it will be inside your home and visible until the plant covers it.

Botanical decor on the walls of your home will enable you to have a little piece of nature to enjoy. With just a small budget you can fill your house with freshness, joy and vitality. You just need to remember that if you have a very bright and colorful botanical decor, don’t go overboard so it doesn’t appear too overwhelming.