4 Original Ways to Hang your Living Room Curtains

Want to learn some original ways to hang your curtains? In this article we'll give you some great ideas so that you can make your rooms stand out.
4 Original Ways to Hang your Living Room Curtains

Last update: 25 November, 2018

There are many different ways to hang your living room curtains. Curtains are both functional and decorative, designed to block out sunlight, act as insulation, protect the windows, and give us privacy. The curtains you choose will depend on the decorative style and the colors in your home.

We all know the traditional way to hang curtains, but there are actually many different ways to do it. These alternatives can give your living room a really fun and original look.

You should use the following criteria to choose your living room curtains:

  • Go for curtains that match the style and colors of your home
  • Choose ones that fit the shape and size of your windows
  • Pick the style you like best
  • Choose the material and the fabric to enhance your room

Original ways to hang your living room curtains

You can attach your living room curtains to a bar, rail or clips.

Before you decide how you want to hang your living room curtains, you should choose the ones you like best. There are many different styles of curtains on the market, depending on the type of room and the type of fixtures you have. You can choose classic curtains that hang on rods, curtains that hang on rails or ones that hang from hooks.

Depending on the type of curtain you choose, you will need a different type of rail or fixtures. Next, we’ll show you four unique and original ways to hang your curtains.

1 – Curtains with eyelets and rope

If you have classic curtains with eyelets at the top, we have a beautiful and original idea on how you can hang them. You’ll need a strong rope, made from a material such as jute or cotton. Cut your rope into sections, thread a single piece through each of the eyelets and secure it to create an individual loop of rope for each.

This is a really practical idea if you have short curtains that you want to lengthen.

Make sure you measure the length of your drapes beforehand. By doing this you can alter the length of the rope you want to use to hang your curtains from. And it’ll give them just the right amount of extra length. Plus, if you use a jute rope, they’ll look beautiful combined with curtains in neutral or white tones, and will add a natural, rustic feeling to your living room.

Using rope tiebacks for your living room curtains will look great with the rustic style.

2 – Tab top curtains and rustic rails

Tab top curtains have small fabric strips at the top which can be knotted or tied into bows to attach them to the rails. This is a great style, as it can be adapted to the rail that you like best. One original idea for curtain rails involves taking a large tree branch. You can use it in its natural state or paint it to your taste. 

If you paint the branch white, it will go perfectly with almost any space. Then you can knot or tie bows in the fabric strips at the top of your curtains. Hanging drapes in this way from this type of rustic style rail will give your room a unique and original look.

3. DIY curtains

If you’re creative and you’re a fan of DIY, you could even make your living room curtains yourself and come up with your own ways to hang them.

Choose your fabric and cut it into several long strips to make your curtains. All you need to hang this type of curtain is a simple cylindrical rail.

Then you can begin to assemble your curtains, starting at the top and weaving the strips of fabric together using a basketweave. Adjust each strip as you weave, to make sure that it is secure. This means it’ll stay tightly woven when you hang it from the rail.

Make sure you measure beforehand so that you know when to stop weaving. Weave a short section and then leave the ends of the strips loose so they hang down to the floor. You’ll have created a beautiful and original set of living room curtains.

4. Classic criss-cross curtains

If your living room curtains are comprised of two layers of fabric, you can cross them for a romantic look.

This last way to hang curtains is beautiful and romantic. It involves buying a double curtain, i.e. made of two pieces of fabric one on top of the other. This will allow you to cross the top layer of fabric over to the left, and the bottom layer over to the right or vice versa.

The two layers of fabric will hang in a criss-cross. Then simply tie a rope or ribbon at either side to hold them in place and you will have beautiful and romantic curtains in your living room.

You can choose the technique you like most and the one that looks best in your living room. You can also come up with your own methods for hanging your curtains.

Choose the right curtains, hang them in a unique and original way and make your living room your own.