1000 Uses for Benches

We're obsessed with benches. If you don't understand why, read on!
1000 Uses for Benches

Last update: 06 July, 2020

We love benches. Why? Well, they are practical, simple, cheap, and super versatile. These are one of the accessories capable of transforming an environment in an easy, innovative way. Let’s look at some uses for benches. We’ll show you how to use these accessories to decorate, how functional they are, and a number of uses for them.

A little history of benches

Did you know that benches are the oldest known furniture? Mohamadien Ibrahim found the first record of a bench. In 1925, he accidentally found the tomb of Queen Hetepheres in Egypt. This queen lived in the 26th century B.C. In her grave, experts found that the ancient Egyptians used benches as decorative objects.

Uses for benches in decoration

We’ll give you some ideas and tips for adding benches to your home decoration. You’ll see how beautiful and useful this furniture can be.

Uses for benches in your entryway

One of the uses for benches can be in your entryway.

Using a bench in your entryway is a great idea. If you don’t have that much space, just use an elongated bench. This will give you a place to leave things when you get home. You’ll also have the perfect place to sit and take off your shoes before going into the house.

Putting a bench at the foot of the bed

You’ve probably seen benches at the foot of beds in decoration magazines. Have you ever thought about how beautiful these look? It’s time to consider using this look in your home. You’ll see how this can transform your bedroom!

A bench in your bedroom is a great place to leave your clothes for the next day or extra blankets and quilts. You can also use it for a tea tray for lazy weekend mornings.

Uses for benches in the living room

We also love the idea of benches in the living room just for how useful they are. If you have guests, benches also provide extra seating. You can also use them as a side table or place them up against a wall while you’re not using them. Put some plants on them! It’s a great look.

Walk-in closets with benches

There are uses for benches in the closet.

If you have a walk-in closet, get the most out of it by turning it into a glamorous room. However, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality. How? With a bench! Go for a velvet bench and place it in a central area. Then, you have a place to sit while you choose your outfit. Or, if you like to plan ahead, you can lay out your clothes on the bench the night before.

Uses for benches in turning a bathroom into a spa

If you want to create a home spa, benches can be great. Even if you have a small bathroom, you’ll find this is the perfect complement. For example, it’s a great place to sit while you blow-dry your hair or put on your make up. Another option is to get a water-resistant bench for the shower. Then, you can use it as a place to put all your products.

Small benches

A stool used as a bedside table.

You can also use a small bench or a stool as a bedside table. Place one on each side of the bed. This is a great option if you have a small room and want to maximize space. For example, the IKEA MARIUS only costs $5.99 and is perfect as a bedside table.

Recycled benches

Whether you find an old bench in a market or want to reuse wood from an old piece of furniture to create a new bench, the options are endless. Then, when you reinvent an object, you create a new story for your home.

Uses for benches with storage

This is our favorite option because one of the most common problems in homes is a lack of space. For example, living in a city means less space. However, most people need storage alternatives that still look great.

Many benches open so you can store things inside. This means you not only have extra seating but also more storage. Also, you should pay attention to what you keep in these storage areas. However, you don’t want to accumulate lots of stuff in inaccessible places and forget about it. Always remember Marie Kondo!

Consider decorating with benches. Soon, you’ll see how easily they transform your home’s environment and how practical they are.

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