Original Bedding Ideas

Do you want to give an original touch to your bedroom? Choose an interesting bedding style and create a themed environment using a unique design.
Original Bedding Ideas

Last update: 08 August, 2020

The bed plays a very important role in the bedroom. It’s probably the element that has the biggest role in the room. Therefore, you should decorate it in an interesting and attractive way. In this article, we’ll show you several original bedding ideas.

There are different themes, colors, designs, and prints to choose from. The possibilities are endless, you just have to be clear about the theme that you want to use in the bedroom. Of course, it’s important to create the right combination with the rest of the furniture.

It’s common for people to keep the same bedding for a long time. But it would be great to change direction and to orient the decoration towards another vision.

Original bedding ideas – adult duvets

Minimalist bedroom with an original bedding of flowers

What are adult duvets? They match any decorative style, either because of their particular design or a defined color.

Generally, neutral tones fit well in any room. For example, the bed may be a more simple gray color, but this could potentially reduce the aesthetic. Therefore, it’s the bedding should have more attractive colors to contrast with the neutrality of the ensemble.

On the other hand, besides being a dominant color, the bedding can also sport prints that give it a more innovative touch and help to bring energy into the room. Some good examples are stripes, dots, squares, etc.

There are even companies that make custom bedding prints. They can make a set of bedsheets with the faces of your pets, a landscape, a city, or anything else that you have a personal link with.

If you feel comfortable in your room, then you’ve done a good job of decorating it.

Original bedding ideas for children

A pink polka dot duvet with fruit themed bedsheets is an original idea for the bedding in a child's room
Bedding for a children’s room / zarahome.com

A good way to add originality to the bed sheets or duvet cover in a children’s bedroom is to choose themes that go well with their tastes and likes. Your child will feel proud of their room, and the bed will become the focus of the room.

  • If you have young children, drawings of unicorns can give the room a fantasy ambiance. It can even help children to their imagination.
  • Other prints you can use are hearts, circles, animals, flowers, etc. Use bright colors for all of them.
  • If your children like a Disney, TV, or movie character, you can get a bedding with a specific theme: Spider-man, Batman, Pokemon, SpongeBob, Peppa Pig, etc.
  • Another option is to allow the kids to choose their own combination of colors and designs. Of course, always under proper guidance. It’s a way of getting them involved with home decoration.

Bedding with printed quotes

A white duvet with black letter quotes for a modern chic look
Bedding with printed quotes / donumy.es

A popular bedding choice is using large, visible quotes. The common options are white bedding with black quotes. This is an original way to introduce a different type of design into the bedroom.

There are quotes for both adults and children. They can also be accompanied by a particular drawing or a famous photograph.

There are also options with love quotes and heart prints, for romantic people. Don’t forget that the bed is a place that you share with your partner, so why not give it a touch of romantic style?

To find originality, you have to look for it.

White, the absence of color

Usign white bedding for a classic yet modern style bedroom

You may be wondering if white can bring originality to your bedroom, and the answer is yes. The purity of white allows you to work on the decoration of the bedroom, achieving neutrality and a strong base with it.

There’s no doubt that bedding in this color fits very well in any environment. It offers freshness, hygiene, and brilliance. Therefore, it’s a cool way to achieve a defined and interesting aesthetic.

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