Stylish Bedrooms With a Gray Theme

The color gray, when used correctly in interior design, can add a warm, cozy feel to a room. It's a far cry from the idea that gray is only a cold color.
Stylish Bedrooms With a Gray Theme

Last update: 29 December, 2019

Gray is a tone that we all love. Contrary to popular belief, gray isn’t just a cold color that doesn’t transmit any warmth. The opposite is true – wise use of gray in decor can give an inestimable sensation of warmth and protection. Today let’s learn how to create stylish bedrooms with a gray theme.

How can you achieve perfect harmony between different shades? The first thing to do is ask yourself which tones of gray you would like in the bedroom, and how many different shades you want to use. These are key questions to ensure you don’t end up with a boring, flat gray decor.

What is the key to success when decorating bedrooms using this tone? Creating contrasts between different shades of gray, or with other neutral tones and even with a vibrant accent color.

These combinations, when well done, will turn out worthy of pictures in any decor magazine. To start with, you’ll need a few techniques and some basic guiding principles.

Color psychology – gray in interior design

Bedrooms with a gray theme give a sense of security

Gray is a neutral tone of excellence. However, in decor, it’s also the color of camouflage. It’s a choice that will add an incredible sensation of safety and protection from the outside world.

With that in mind, that’s why gray is a firm favorite in bedroom decor. The bedroom is the place where you need to get away from it all, to disconnect from the rest of the world.

Gray is also a balanced color, without strong emotions. It’s a sophisticated tone that lacks the negativity of black, and above all with light grays, can add many of the same qualities as white.

The lighter gray tones show feminine nature, while darker grays demonstrate masculine nature. That’s one reason why it’s important to correctly balance different shades of gray in decor.


A gray kid's bedroom with a pale pink accent color

If you want to create a stylish bedroom with a gray theme, you need to include the furniture in the color scheme. It’s not enough just to add the color to the textiles, such as cushions. Furniture with gray or taupe finishes is essential to the look you’re aiming for.

Timber furniture painted in almost any shade of gray is what you want. You could even choose some piece of furniture that has reflective edges.

A mirror with a gray frame will add those neutral tones with the added luxury of reflection, which will reflect the other gray shades in the room, thereby amplifying the effect.


Use textiles to create contrasts

Now we get to the part where you can play around with various textures and different tones of gray to create the sensation of depth and warmth.

Start with the bed: think a gray upholstered bed or a big bed headboard. But don’t stop there, you’ll need a few more upholstered pieces of furniture to get that gray theme going in the bedroom.

Next, look at armchairs, rugs, perhaps an easy chair that you could include in the bedroom or even a stool at the dressing table. Stay away from upholstering everything with the same fabric or with the same shade of gray.

Here’s where you want to add contrasts. Dark gray tones should be combined with the softest grays possible. The greater the contrast, the better the effect.

In stylish bedrooms with a gray theme, it’s indispensable that the quilt or bedspread is in agreement with the rest of the room. Choose gray, of course, but with a twist. If you’ve painted the walls in darker shades, pick out a light gray bedspread, and vice versa.

What will happen if you don’t provide contrasts? Well, you’ll just end up with a flat, uniformly gray room. If you decide to add a few white pieces to the scheme, you could use gray trim with these.

Add contrast in tones and textures between the quilt and a blanket for the foot of the bed.

Color schemes for gray theme bedrooms

Use of gray textiles and natural wood in a bedroom

Color schemes are easy with this tone because gray combines with the majority of other colors. When you’re designing gray theme bedrooms, there’s a decided advantage. You will have many different contrast color options to choose from.

What’s the secret to avoid overdoing it? Several shades of gray, and only one contrast color.

Our pick is, of course, the combination of gray and white. When you choose a pale gray, two neutral tones can add a sense of tranquility and sophistication to a room that’s very rarely found.

If you want to add an extra touch of warmth, substitute white for a cream tone. You can’t beat it.

Another winning combination is gray with blush or rose quartz. The secret is just adding a few small touches of pink – don’t go overboard. To achieve a similar theme, you could also use a shade of pale lavender. The result will be spectacular.

What about a combination of gray with highlights in orange? It will give a modern feel to any decor. Not everyone will like it, but these two colors work very well together. What can you do to make the contrast stand out even more? Use high-quality textiles for the accent color, such as velvet or other textured fabrics.

Bedrooms with a gray theme for refined tastes

Gray and silver can make an excellent combination

The last color scheme we want to show you for stylish bedrooms done in a gray theme is the combination of gray and silver. Here everything goes. Just let your imagination loose.

Play around with the furniture surfaces, include chrome lampshades, and add different textiles with a silver touch. You’ll have a luxurious bedroom!

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