5 Autumn Colors for New Home Decor

Thinking about changing the colors of your home? In today's post, we'll show you some trendy Autumn 2018 colors to use for your home.
5 Autumn Colors for New Home Decor

Last update: 07 December, 2018

If you’re thinking about changing your home decor and bringing in some autumn colors, we’ll show you the star colors of the season. We’ll also explain how you can use them together in order to create a visual balance for your rooms. You’ll need to use them with the right palette to keep them from being overwhelming.

Changing the colors of your home is a must to freshen up and revive the setting. You don’t need to carry out costly home projects all the time. If you’re thinking about using autumn colors in your home, we’ll tell you all about how you can do it in our post.

Autumn colors for your home

There are a lot of colors that sing autumn. Generally speaking, earthy or mustard tones are the main players. They make us think of dried bark and leaves that fall from the trees during this season. Below, we’ll show you the main trending colors in autumn 2018 that you can use in your home to freshen up your rooms.

Autumn colors for home

1. Earthy colors

Earthy colors like dark and light brown, beige and sand are all very characteristic of autumn. These colors that remind us of leaves, tree bark and the ground are all very popular for interior decor. You should use them with a neutral color to avoid overwhelming your space. Pick a white, chalk or plain. They’ll be helpful because your setting could get a little dark without natural lighting.

To give you an idea, you could try the half-colored wall style to combine two different colors. Try using the darker color on the bottom part of your walls. Then, use the lighter color on top. By keeping the darker color on the bottom, it’ll “weigh things down”, creating a more equal visual balance.

2. Violets and reds

Combinations that use violet and reds together with another neutral shade are beautiful autumn palettes that are very trendy right now. It’ll bring elegance and sophistication into your home. If you use these two colors together with a neutral tone like chalk or plain white, the results will really be gorgeous.

When you go for a dark or bright color, try to use it as an accent. Using it for a main color might darken your overall ambiance too much, making it uncomfortable and visually tiring. Use the color in decorative pillows or rugs on top of light colors.

Autumn colors pops of color

3. Mustard wave

Using mustard with earthy colors, ocher and white can create a classic autumn palette. Mustard is a little less intense than yellow and will give energy and positiveness to your home this season. These colors are perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Try to use a lot of natural light. Natural light will reflect off of the lighter colors and brighten up the room.

You could use mustard as a decor accent color. Use it for your sofa, decorative jars, flowers and frames over a neutral color.

4. Green and brown

Green has become a strong player this year in autumn. It makes for a beautiful combination with chalk white and light browns. In addition, green will add some freshness and natural air to your setting. You can also use the half-wall painting technique here. Choose an intense green and use it on the bottom half of your walls. After, use a chalk or plain white on the top half.

Autumn colors green

You could also use light brown furniture and picture frames. Or, instead, try a dark green sofa with decorative pillows in light colors. You’ll love the naturally beautiful composition that it creates.

5. Wine red, white and gray

Wine red is a hot color for decor this autumn. The best way to use it is with light grays, light browns and whites. The palette will add a lot of elegance and originality to your home. Light brown floors with a white trim along with a mix of wine red and light gray walls will create a lot of personality for your home. It’s quite a different way to go than our previously mentioned ideas.

Choose the color that most catches your eye, create a palette and use it to freshen up your home and bring autumn into your home.