This Season's Decorating Trends - Fall 2018

Thinking of updating your decor? Here, we'll show you some of the decorating trends of fall 2018, so you can fill your home with new colors and textures.
This Season's Decorating Trends - Fall 2018

Last update: 21 November, 2018

In this article, we’ll tell you all about this fall’s hottest decorating trends, so that you’re ready for all the latest colors, textures and materials that are in this fall. Plus, some of last season’s trends are still as fashionable as ever. These colors and materials can be used with almost any style and will give your home a unique, original look.

If you’re thinking about redecorating your home in this fall’s styles, there are certain things you should keep in mind. This fall’s colors are in original tones that will really bring your home to life. Next, we’ll give you a few examples of fall 2018’s most popular decorating trends.

In this section, we’ll tell you which styles are still going strong this fall, and show you how you can use the different colors and decorative elements. Plus, we’ll show you the most popular, on-trend color combinations this season.

rustic dining room featured

Last season’s styles

The three most popular interior decorating styles from last season are still going strong. This means that you can still decorate your home in the Nordic style, for example. With this style, the walls should be painted in light tones, and the furniture made from natural materials that will bring your home to life this fall.

The rustic style is also still one of the biggest trends in the world of interior decor. This style allows you to use all different types of material and wooden furniture. Finally, the vintage style is still popular. This last style is known for its use of antique-look furniture painted in white and pastel tones, and the use of vibrant colored fabrics in fall colors.

Fall colors 2018

In this fall’s decoration, you can find a whole variety of interesting color combinations. Next, we’ll show you some of the main combinations you’ll find this season.

White, beige and pomegranate

The combination of white, with beige and pomegranate pink detailing, is one of the biggest decor trends of fall 2018. You can paint your walls entirely in white, and combine them with pale wood furniture. Then, you can use pomegranate pink decorations to add a bit of contrast to your rooms. Plus, these shades will bring to mind the autumnal colors of fallen leaves.

If you want, you can even have a sofa or armchairs in this unique and original color.

White, gray and grape

Grape has become one of the stars of fall decor this season. You can combine it with white and medium or light gray. A great alternative is to paint your walls using the two-tone technique, with light gray on the top half and grape on the lower half. This will fill your room and your home with color and energy.

Wooden furniture is a great way to add warmth to your home this fall.

You can combine this great autumnal combination with beautiful wood flooring. You can also add a carpet with grape, red and white detailing to contrast with your wood flooring and to match the walls of your home. With these colors, you’ll see just how unique your home can look this fall.

Light gray, beige and navy

Finally, the color navy, which was originally the star of nautical decor, holds an important place in fall 2018’s decor trends. The combination of the dark blue with beige and light gray will give your home a great autumnal vibe.

Try to use plenty of beige details to contrast with the blue and add a touch of warmth to your home. Tables and chairs made from pale wood will look simply perfect.

Choose the colors that you like best and decorate with these on-trend fall colors.

Decorative elements

Finally, once you’ve painted your rooms and chosen your favorite color pallet, you can use the decorative elements you like best. Combine different trends to create a beautiful autumnal combination.

Use pine cones to create a beautiful fall centerpiece.

You can use autumn materials and textures to decorate your home. For example, you could hang wreaths of dried leaves on the wall above doors inside or outside your home. You could also create a beautiful centerpiece for your table. Use pine cones of different sizes to create an autumnal feel.

Solid wooden tables made from pale woods are some of the best items of furniture if you want to add warmth to your fall 2018 decoration. Plus, this style of furniture is right on trend. You can make them yourself or find them in furniture stores.

Another great option is to buy white sofas and decorate them with cushions of different colors. Mustard, orange, dark blue, gray and beige cushions will look great side by side.

As you can see, there is a huge variety of options when it comes to fall 2018’s decorating trends. You should choose the color pallet you like best, using natural materials to decorate your home. Welcome the new season with the warm, welcoming colors of fall.