2018 Decor Trends: What is the Current Rustic Style Like?

The rustic style is one of the trends of 2018, but with some novelties that we will explain to you in the following article.
2018 Decor Trends: What is the Current Rustic Style Like?

Last update: 23 October, 2018

In this article, we want to explain to you what the rustic style is that you’ll see in the world of interior design in 2018. It has some characteristics that have remained the same as they’ve always been, but it also has some new aspects.

This style, characterized by its use of natural materials (fibers, wood, stone), has been adapted. It’s taken on some characteristics from other styles, but without losing its essence.

As well as the characteristics the rustic style has borrowed, it has been adapted to be more modern. It is by no means antiquated or out of date. In fact, it’s this year’s trend, although it’s true that it’s undergone certain changes since the original rustic style started.

On the other hand, you’ll see that there are less and less barriers between the city and the country. The rustic style is suitable for both environments. In the next few paragraphs, we will show you some ideas about each one of the changes that you can currently see.

A rustic style home should always include plants

A rustic style with an element of minimalism

Originally, rustic interiors had little in common with minimalist interiors. However, currently you can find a fusion of the two styles. The results balance, without moving away from being warm and inviting.

This works by maintaining the presence of natural materials. It does however include less items in the space available, freer walls, furniture with simple lines, not many furnishings in each room, etc.

This style also gives prominence to lighter tones, for example whites, of course. Lighting is also very important: try to use natural light as much as possible.

A mixture of modern and traditional

One of the fundamental characteristics of the current rustic style is you have to adapt to the latest trends, without losing the essence of the style.

This is translated into a commitment to modern materials. You should only worry about maintaining the simple and natural look.

The same thing happens with electrical appliances. They can be the latest model, but you should always go for the simplest design. You just need to know how to combine them with the existing kitchen furnishings, to achieve a balanced effect.

In the same way, you should mix the basic characteristics of the rustic style with the comfort of the latest designs and materials. You can also change electrical or plumbing systems, to achieve a rustic but contemporary style.

This means you could have a rustic style living space in the middle of the city. Now everything is possible.

Rustic or shabby chic?

Shabby chic is also a current trend. It originated in country houses in England, which means it has much in common with rustic style houses.

You should use natural fabrics and materials, above all timber. As we mentioned above, you need to know how to combine modernism and tradition. For example, you could choose the latest beautiful timbers, and leave them with a natural finish. You should make sure it suits what’s already in the room. Apply these ideas to the furniture as well as to the floors.

You can find some fundamental changes in the rustic style in the current popular color palette. Now pastel tones are the stars of the show, always going with white. In this way, the rooms seem airier and even bigger.

The presence of plants and also porcelain objects is also very important. You could have jars or crockery pieces.

Industrial rustic style

This is the last variant of the rustic style that we want to show you. Both the industrial and rustic styles have personality, so you should pay attention to how you combine both elements.

You should maintain the basic characteristics of the industrial style: bare bricks, metal, cement, or vintage furniture, that can also be an aspect of the rustic style.

A rustic and industrial style kitchen should include timber and metal

To give a rustic touch, you should add  timber  furniture or floors. Always maintain the natural touch. Using timber with imperfections, on purpose or coincidentally can achieve this.

You could even try a rocking chair or wooden chest, items commonly found in country houses. Or you could have gilded or metallic touches which complement the industrial style.

One last thing. Don’t forget to include  some pot plants and natural fabrics or weaves, such as in rugs, curtains, tablecloths, etc.

The result: a modern rustic style

As you can see, today there are many ways to maintain a rustic style, even in the middle of the city. The most important key to success is to combine a natural touch and comfort with the latest trends in the field of interior design, without having an excessive visual contrast.


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