All-White Interiors: the New 2018 Trend to Bring Light into your Home

All-white interiors have become a booming trend. The style is not for everyone, but would you dare to decorate your home in nothing but white? 
All-White Interiors: the New 2018 Trend to Bring Light into your Home

Last update: 17 September, 2018

All-white interior design, or “total white” as the trend is also known, is a decorative style in which only the colour white is used. When decorating a room, we would usually use a range of colours – at least two or three.

Choosing to decorate in only white can be a risky strategy for some. Especially in light of the myths surrounding the color.

However, if you prefer spaces that are light and open and that have an elegant and pure look, an all-white interior could be the right choice for you.

Since 2013, white has gradually taken back its dominant position in interior design. It has come back in real force in 2018. It is now one of the most essential colors to use when decorating.

This is partly due to the boom in certain decorative styles, such as the Nordic and minimalist styles. Today’s article will explain all you need to know about this all-white trend.

All-white interior design – what does this involve?

All-white interior design involves decorating rooms in white. Depending on the decorator, there can be different variations and adaptations to this style.

all-white bedroom

The purest form of the style, involves decorating the entire room, from the floor to the ceiling , to the doors and walls, and even the decorative furnishings, in white.

Another variation to the style introduces an element of color into the room to break with the existing composition. The colors introduced are often subtly used on furnishings, such as a pillow, a lamp or a vase.

In addition, the colours used can be strong colours, such as reds, blues and pinks. They could also be different shades of white or even a light grey.

All-white interiors are a trend that has emerged thanks to the boom in styles such as the Nordic and minimalist styles. However, this does not mean that the all-white look only suits these styles.

In fact, white also goes well with other variations, including rustic and industrial styles.

The key to achieving the perfect all-white look

Although decorating a room in just one colour may seem easy at first, it really isn’t. When considering using one colour for decoration, it’s also important and essential to consider using and playing around with shapes and textures that are easy on the eye.

Due to the absence of colour, a white room without textures will appear flat and unappealing.

all-white nursery

It would be a good idea to create a contrast between the carpet or rug and the curtains. This can be done using different textures and shades of white.

Another key element to consider when creating the perfect all-white look is that all the finishings should be white. This includes the walls, the doors and the floor. It will achieve a complete look.

Lighting is also key to this trending style. An all-white space will seem lighter. However, to ensure that the increased light does not become wearing, lamps that emit a warm light should be used.

Lastly, to ensure your all-white look is a success, it’s worth considering that white will reflect anything in your surroundings. In other words, if the front of the house opposite is painted in another color, your white room will reflect that coloring.

The pros and cons of the all-white trend

As with most trends, this style does have its strengths and weaknesses. Here are the advantages that it offers:

  • It lightens rooms
  • White creates a sense of openness
  • It gives rooms a sense of elegance and a feeling of warmth
  • An all-white look gives a sense of purity and cleanliness to a room
  • It goes well with practically any decorative style
all-white living room

Its disadvantages are:

  • Dirt becomes visible more quickly in white rooms, so it’s essential to keep them extremely clean and be extra vigilant when it comes to cleaning in order to keep your all-white look.
  • Sometimes you will not be able to find the white decorative furnishings that you like, so it may be wiser to opt for a more adaptable all-white look. This way, you would be able to use more colours or forget about that decorative element that you had set your heart on.
  • An all-white look can appear quite monotone, so it can become boring quickly.


As you can see, although the all-white trend only uses one color, it can still be very adaptable. Despite white being the dominant color, the style does go work with other colors.

In addition, the pros of the trend have lead to an increasing number of people introducing the style in their homes every day.

We recommend that every now and again you change the accessories that you use in your rooms to prevent you becoming bored of the all-white look. By changing just a few little things, you can create an entirely different room.

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