Centerpieces: 9 Ways to Decorate your Table

Table centerpieces are decorative elements you'll find in almost every household. Discover our original ideas on how you can create your own centerpieces.
Centerpieces: 9 Ways to Decorate your Table

Last update: 23 October, 2018

Sometimes, it’s difficult to choose the right objects to decorate our tables. We forget that there is an infinite variety of beautiful and eye-catching options available to us. So, in this article, we’ll give you some ideas to inspire you to create or buy your own centerpieces for your tables.

Centerpieces can be a great alternative way to decorate your living or dining room, especially if for a special occasion. Whether for everyday life, the festive season, anniversaries or birthdays, baptisms or weddings, for your dining room table or the coffee table in your living room, centerpieces are always a hit with guests.

Centerpieces: plants and flowers

Flowers are one of the most common elements used as centerpieces. There is a huge variety of unique and original ways to decorate your table using your family’s favorite flowers. You can choose natural flowers, artificial flowers, create small or large bouquets, or even have a single flower as your centerpiece.

Use tin cans for your centerpiece

Tin cans are recyclable objects we use pretty much every day. This is a good thing to keep in mind before you simply throw them out. Instead wash them out thoroughly and store them. You can always reuse them for something else. You can also paint them in one or multiple colors, and even decorate them with a nice, decorative bow.

Little flowerpots

If you want to use your tin cans to make a little flowerpot for your centerpiece, you’ll need to make a hole in the the bottom. Fill it with soil and then add your favorite plant. Remember to place a nice dish underneath, so that when you water the plant the water won’t leak onto your table.

These copper plant pots make great centerpieces.


Similarly, you could also use your tin cans to make a beautiful vase. One great option is to decorate them by wrapping them entirely in jute string.

Bottle centerpieces

Glass bottles are also great objects which you can reuse to create beautiful centerpieces for your table. There’s a huge variety of ways to decorate them, from painting them, to adding ribbons or bows or almost anything else you want.

You can use them just like a real vase, filling them with water and flowers. Or you can simply fill your vase with artificial flowers.

Wine bottle centerpieces

Wine bottles also make for beautiful vases. You can paint them, or simply leave them as they are. Then add a single flower with a long stem. Try painting your bottles in pastel colors to create a really elegant centerpiece for your table.

Little light bulb flower pots

If you have a small square flower pot, for example, why not try adding a helium bulb? This type of centerpiece is particularly great for children’s parties.

Glass jar centerpieces

If you have purely decorative vases or jars in your house and don’t know where to put them, our ideas will help you to make the most of them. You’ll create some really beautiful centerpieces for your table.

Glass jars and seashells

Glass jars can be a really stunning way to add a seaside feel to your home. If you are throwing a children’s party with a seaside theme, they can also be a unique and interesting way to decorate. Try filling them with sand, and then add some winkles and conch shells.


Terrariums are a really stylish decorative item at the moment, and they are becoming an increasingly popular item in our homes. Use a glass jars to create a mini garden. Add some grass, colored stones and small flowers. Then you can put your new centerpiece on your coffee table.

Candle centerpieces

Candles are also one of the most common items used in centerpieces. You can use one or many candles that you already have in the house, or use them to create a whole new centerpiece.

Get creative with your candles and create some beautiful centerpieces for your table.

Candles and wood slices

Centerpieces don’t just have to be a single object. One interesting alternative is to use a slice of wood as a plate, and place candles of different shapes and colors on it. Remember: your candles will need candle holders. Fire and wood is not a great combination if you accidentally knock a candle over.

Floating candles

Finally, you could also fill glass jars with colored gems and water and then add little candles to float on the surface. The light will reflect off the water and create a really romantic setting.

As you can see, table centerpieces are far simpler to make than they seem. Although you can buy some really beautiful centerpieces in stores, making your own can be so much fun. And what’s more, it’ll save you money.

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