4 Flower Vase Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Flowers are a decoration that'll never go out of style. They fill rooms with life and color. If we try putting them in original pots or vases, we could nail the perfect setting.
4 Flower Vase Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Last update: 03 October, 2018

A love for flowers isn’t anything new. We’re more inclined to use them as spring gets closer, reawakening that need to fill our homes with color. That’s how it goes. Whether they’re natural or artificial, flowers will fill your home with light and color, transmitting peace and wellness. There isn’t a better way to decorate than with flower vases!

There are thousands of ways and techniques to arrange flowers for decor. We can combine colors, place them by windows, plant them in pots… but something that truly gives us delight, and that can’t be beaten in romanticism, are vases. They unfailingly remind us of those cinema classics that always had a vase of flowers on the table to grace the most beautiful scenes.

In today’s post, we’ll give you some ideas to decorate your house with flower vases. Refresh your home  and make your house silver-screen-worthy with our tips!

1. Glass bottles for an elegant vase

Most people have glass bottles laying around at home; wine, water, juice, etc. they all work. We normally throw them them out without realizing their worth. But you can use them to decorate your home.

Flower vase glass bottle

Their shape, especially in the case of wine  bottles, is perfect for a little bouquet of fresh flowers. They’ll quietly add an air of elegance to your room, capturing everyone’s eye. All you need to do is clean out the bottle well and paint it your favorite color. As for us, we love the color white – white matches everything. And gold and silver couldn’t be more trendy at the moment. Once you paint your bottles, try bleaching them to age them a bit.

Another idea is leaving them as they are. Using a bare bottle will give a stronger sense of naturalness. Putting water inside will make the bottle shine, creating a beautiful effect.

You can even prepare multiple bottles and use them as a set to adorn a room, like your entrance for example. With three or four well-coordinated colorful bottles, we can add a very floral feel to our home’s hall and enjoy original flower vases as well.

2. Watering can flower vases

This is another idea that we love. There’s something retro about watering cans that adds a casual, lighthearted feel to rooms.

You can use any old watering can that you have at home. Just make sure that any can you use is made of metal or another resistant material. You could also try personalizing it. You can paint or bleach your can; or, if you’re crafty, draw something beautiful on it. Ethnic and geometrical prints are all the rage right now!

Flower vase watering can

As for which kinds of plants to put in your cans, feel free to choose plants that have or don’t have leaves. Leaves and branches, both natural or artificial kinds, work wonderfully in decor. Green always looks good in any room, giving that touch of color and naturalness.

3. Tin cans for a more vintage vase

Our next idea just might be the most original on our list. If you have empty tin cans at home, don’t throw them out. You could use them to make a creative flower vase.

A can, as long as it’s nice and wide, can be a great place to hold flowers. All you need to do is clean it out and throw in some earth or water, depending on which type of plant you’re planning to showcase.

Flower vase tin can

Here’s a tip for vintage-lovers: leave the product label on the can. Or if you’re not a fan of that idea, you can also try looking for some inspiration and examples on Pinterest or Tumblr.

You could also try painting your tin can  in a color that goes well with your home. If you’re more of a romantic, a great idea is painting your can white and accessorizing with some twine for a vase that’s super chic. As you can see, tin cans leave room for thousands of ideas. They’re easy to redecorate and, most importantly, they’re economic!

4. The most romantic look – a basket of flowers

We think wicker and rattan baskets are great. In many of our posts, we write about the best ways to use the two together. As for flowers, we love using them with wicker. They help create a romantic, serene atmosphere.

If you have a knack for floral arrangements, you could throw some impressive showpieces together to decorate any area of your home. We like using them as center pieces on tables. You’ll have to remember to use a wet sponge in the base to preserve the flowers and prevent them from wilting.

Flower vase wicker ratan basket

We recommend using these kinds of baskets when you come back from the countryside with your favorite  wild flowers. The wicker and flower combination will be unbeatable. Try to use flowers that have the same color as your furniture, floors or even your favorite home accessory pieces. They’ll ensure a personal touch in every bouquet that you prepare.

As you’ve read today, there are plenty of ways to create original and elegant ideas. You only need to let your imagination loose and get inspired by each one. Bring out the florist in you and try decorating your home with flowers!