Natural Decor in Entrance Halls

Natural decor in entrance halls is becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we tell how you to incorporate natural elements in your entrance hall.
Natural Decor in Entrance Halls

Last update: 17 September, 2018

Natural decor is all the rage. People want to bring nature into their homes now more than ever. You can apply this decor all around your house. However, we’re going to focus on natural decor in entrance halls in this article. Here are a few tips to make your entrance hall look perfect.


A good option is to combine two trends that are all the rage: wallpaper and natural elements. To do this, you must choose textured or nature wallpaper. It’ll look amazing and make your entrance hall pop. You’ll feel in the middle of the outdoors in your own entrance hall!

Nature wallpaper.

Depending on how bold you are, you can choose wallpapers in more or less striking colors. Similarly, there are millions of wallpaper patterns out there. Just choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Plants – essential elements

You must have plants in your entrance hall. Depending on its size, you can choose small or big plants. Having a small entrance hall is no excuse! You can put a small plant on a stand in the entrance hall or position a large one that occupies an entire corner. Since natural decor is all about nature and the elements, you simply must have plants! Although they need to be cared for, it’s worth having them.

Natural decor.

Materials that bring you closer to nature

If you want to follow natural decor in your entrance hall, you must choose materials that bring you closer to nature. As we discussed above, you have to have plants because they simply scream nature. Besides plants, you can also use other materials that will make your entrance hall feel serene and peaceful. Here are four of them:


Wood is a must in any home. It’s cozy, welcoming, and a very natural material. You should definitely use wood in your entrance hall to make it look outdoorsy. We recommend that the wood looks natural and has no varnish because the point of this decor is to make everything seem straight out of nature. Another option is to place rustic coat racks there because they’re quite useful in entrance halls.

Wood lamp.


A lot of people use cork in natural decor. There are a million different ways to use it. There are cork mats and even cork picture frames.


Wicker baskets are timeless. They can be found in our grandmother’s house as well as in the most innovative and avant-garde homes. We recommend you install a wicker basket in a corner of your entrance hall. You can use it to store your umbrellas or shoes. If you don’t like open baskets, you can always go for ones with lids. This way, you’ll have an equally aesthetic and functional object.


This is another amazing natural element. You can use it in endless ways, so just let your imagination run wild! One option is to buy a glass lamp with a natural touch so it doesn’t clash with the natural decor. You can also buy a glass vase or a set of them and place them in your entrance hall. They look perfect with dried flowers or filled with small pebbles.

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