The 6 Best Country Looks for Dining Rooms

Rustic houses are incredibly beautiful and cozy. If you want to enjoy their ambiance, you only need to switch up a few things. You don't need to move far away from the city!
The 6 Best Country Looks for Dining Rooms

Last update: 01 October, 2018

You don’t need to move a long way away from the city in order to enjoy a charming, country dining room. You can create a similar setting in an urban flat! In today’s post, we’ll give you some key tips for giving your home that rustic vibe.

Country dining room looks

Wood is the main characteristic of the country look.

Sometimes, designs also include stone and, of course, we can’t forget flowers. Some key ideas for copying a country look for your home or flat are:

1. Make sure there are wooden beams

A ceiling boasting wooden beams is quintessential for any country home. In construction, homes are built in a way to display these beams, which are later painted or vanished to match with the rest of the home’s decor.

If you want to enjoy a country home, you have to include these beams. But, how? You can find beams that are attachable to ceilings, which will emulate the country dining room look.

2. Rustic walls and floors

Country Home walls floors

Country homes use rustic finishes such as wood, stone or brick for walls and floors. The look calls for a significant financial investment, but you could also use plaques that look similar.

You could also try painting the walls using a sponge technique to give them some texture. Or, if you prefer not to use sponge, at least choose earthy or orange tones, which are choice country dining room colors.

3. Choose wooden furniture

We’re not just talking about the dining room, but any other space that you want to have the country look needs to have wooden furniture; the darker the better. Choosing darker woods will reflect the soul of the style and make sure that you end up with a 100% country space.

Try aging your furniture, such as tables, chairs or bookshelves for an original, beautiful finish. You have to have a cabinet which will work in both the kitchen or dining room. It should have doors, drawers and sometimes, display shelves to showcase your dishes.

4. Decorative elements

Country home decorative elements

Of course, if we want to go for a certain style, we have to include everything that matches and helps create the perfect look. If we want a country dining room, using typical items besides wooden furniture is very important.

For example, a big vase with natural flowers, a hanging wooden light fixture, family photos, thick curtains and orange, brown or earthy tones. If you also have a sofa in the room, you could decorate it with pillows that are patterned, polka-dotted, embroidered or hand-stitched or weaved.

The most common materials in the country dining room are pottery, wicker, leather, clay, ironwork and copper – and of course, as we mentioned before, wood. You can mix and match whatever you like! However, try not to clutter your space, especially if you’re working with a small area.

5. Choose a color palette

As previously mentioned, the most common tones in country designs are earthy ones. We could also use oranges, reds and yellows, but make sure you don’t overcharge the ambiance.

Some people choose to leave all but one of their walls white. Others decorate and set the mood through their choice of fabrics (pillows, curtains, rugs) or the smaller details (paintings, vases, candles). It all depends on what you want!

6. Add just one country detail

Remodeling a house can cost a pretty penny and become quite a headache. You can avoid both of these if you add just a few stylistic details that you really like.

For example, if you want a more country-style dining room, you can put in a farmhouse door, hang a wooden light fixture, use a cabinet that showcases your dishes or add some wooden beams on your ceiling.

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