Four Ways to Use Flowers in Your Home

Did you know that you can include a variety of flowers in your home? If you want to fill your home with color, joy, and vitality, flowers are a great option for you.
Four Ways to Use Flowers in Your Home

Last update: 15 September, 2018


In this post you’ll discover that there are many ways to decorate with flowers outside of using traditional pots or vases. Keeping reading to discover how to fill every room of your home with flowers.

1. Pots and vases

The easiest and most common way to include flowers in your home is with pots and vases. They look good in any room and make it look more alive, cozy, and natural. The biggest advantage is that pots and vases come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that suits the needs or decor of your home.

The only thing that you’ll have to decide is what plant you want. Make sure it’s a plant suited to indoors. If you don’t have much time to care for your plants, buy a species that doesn’t require much maintenance. If you want to give a unique and original touch to your home, you can customize your pots.

flowers on table

You can make the flowers in your home more visible by putting them in vases. These containers are one of the biggest trends in decoration today, as we explain here. A vase in the hall or in a corner in the living room can make a difference and give a special touch to your home.

As you can see, in regards to pots and vases, the options are endless. You can combine different types of plants, pots, or vases that are big or small. Try different combinations and take risks to find what you like and what fits your home best.

2. Bedding

Why not give a spring touch to your bedroom? Choose a quilt with a floral motif and turn the bed into the focus of the room. Fill it with vitality, positive energy, and fill every morning with nature.

If using a quilt with a floral design seems excessive or too busy for your bedroom, there are other options. Choose a plain quilt and incorporate a floral touch by adding cushions or pillows designed with flowers. To create a perfection combination, buy some curtains with the same pattern.

flower bed

3. Flowers in the kitchen

Flowers in your home can also be used in different ways in your kitchen. You can choose from one of these options or combine different ideas to create the space that’s best suited to your taste and budget.

  • Kitchenware. Who hasn’t sat in the kitchen area of a household store just looking at the different things? There are so many models and designs that it’s nearly impossible to decide on one. Our recommendation is that you choose one with a floral design and use it often! A modern, fun, and careless tablecloth keeps your kitchen lively. It’s great to use on a daily basis, and easy to change with a more classic design if need be.
  • Aromatic plants. Before we talked about vases and pots as decorative objects, but these can also serve a practical function. This is the same with aromatic plants. You can buy several pots and place them in the window or hang them on the wall of the kitchen in a decorative way.

4. Dried flowers

Dried flowers are the perfect way to decorate any part of your house. Look for a little glass jar, a small vase, or a bottle. Tie a string and make a bow as a decoration. Then you have a small bouquet of dried flowers. 

A nice idea is to dry the flowers that someone gave to you for a special event. Maybe a rose for Valentine’s Day or a bouquet that you had at your wedding so you can enjoy them forever. Simply hang them upside down and apply lacquer to them once every day. After a couple of weeks you will have perfectly preserved and dried the flowers.

As you can see, flowers offer us so many options when it comes to decoration. They adapt to any home, making any place more beautiful. Choose flowers you enjoy the most and bring a piece of nature into your home.

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