4 Different Types of Vases for your Entrance Hall

If you’re thinking of decorating your hallway, here you’ll find some different styles of vases so that you can choose the best one for your house.
4 Different Types of Vases for your Entrance Hall

Last update: 29 September, 2018

Timeless and easily adapted to any style, vases are the quintessential decoration. The huge variety of sizes means that you can find a place for them in even the smallest of houses. Here, we’ll show you 4 different styles of vase that are perfect for decorating your entrance hall. Keep reading and you’re sure to find one to suit your taste and decorative style.

Glass vases – from the most informal, to the most elegant

Glass vases are a classic, but at the same time, they never stop changing. Whatever the decorative style of your hallway, you’re sure to find one to match perfectly. The main advantage of this material is how easy it is to mold and shape, meaning it can take any number of unique and beautiful forms.

The simplest usually have a square or circular base, and their surface is completely smooth. They can also be dyed different colors. Although a transparent glass vase will go well with any room, you can also choose a colored vase to match the color scheme of your entrance hall.

If you’re looking for something more elegant, you can choose a more elaborate glass vase. Keep in mind that these vases will have to take pride of place in your hallway. Unlike those first vases, they’re more elaborate with lots of different textures, and a much more complicated shape.

Remember, glass is very fragile, so make sure to place it somewhere safe.

Porcelain vases – the stars of the show

Porcelain vases are true works of art. Their size and their delicate, intricate designs make them a really elegant decoration. They’ll look perfect in classic as well as in modern hallways.

If you decide to add a porcelain vase to your entrance hall, we recommend that you go for a large one, so that it’ll really stand out. Otherwise, the vase will look lost and won’t impress like it should. Another option is to buy a pair of vases – they always look better in twos (if they’re large) or in threes (if they’re small).

Although it might seem that porcelain vases are old-fashioned these days, we think they’re definitely worth a look. Like glass vases, porcelain vases are constantly changing, and so they’ll look right at home in even the most modern hallways.

The porcelain vase is a classic and will bring a touch of class to any hallway.

The recycled vase – a more informal option

If you want a more relaxed and informal look for your hallway, recycling is a great option. As well as giving a second life to apparently useless objects, you’ll help the environment, so there really are no downsides. Next, we’ll give you some ideas on how to make your own recycled vase, and, in doing so, introduce you to the world of DIY:

  • Glass bottle vases. Had a couple of glasses of wine during a dinner with friends? Don’t throw them away! They can be the perfect vase for your hallway. Paint them your favorite color using spray paints, and once they’re dry, add drawings and patterns. If you’re not happy with the result, you can always buy some stencils to personalize them. Another option is to use fabrics or string in the same colors as your hallway. Putting dried flowers inside is a great finishing touch.
  • Different sized jars: keep your old honey, oil, coconut oil and vegetable jars… The more different they are, the better. Once you have a few different types, cover them by wrapping them entirely in string and you’ll soon have a gorgeous set of vases for your hallway.

These are just two of the many great ideas out there. When it comes to DIY, the only limit is your imagination.

A DIY vase is a charming addition to any hallway.

Ceramic vases – from classic to designer

Ceramic is the classic vase material. The designs have gone from the most classic to displaying some of the boldest colors and shapes you can buy, so, whether classic or modern, it’s super easy to find a ceramic vase to suit your entrance hall.

These vases also come with a wide range of finishes. You can find them with a natural finish that’ll go perfectly with a more natural, rustic style entrance hall or in a more earthy color pallet. In this case, we’d go for a pair of handmade vases of different shapes and sizes.

If, on the other hand, you have more modern decor, it’s best to choose a painted or textured ceramic vase. As for the design, a daring and elaborate shape would look perfect.

The ceramic vase can take any number of shapes, sizes and textures...

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