How to Decorate With Transparent Elements

Decorating with transparent items has become one of the most striking and elegant interior design trends.
How to Decorate With Transparent Elements

Last update: 15 September, 2018


It’s a trend that originated in the fashion world, where every year the catwalks filled up with see-through objects under the premise of “insinuating without showing”.

When it comes to decorating, transparent objects go well with modern and minimalist styles as well as industrial or classic ones.

Actually, see-through items go well with almost all decorative styles, so there’s no excuse to not incorporate them into your home.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss how you can decorate your home with see-through objects and what items work best with this trend.

Advantages of decorating with transparent items

It’s important to know the advantages of decorating with transparent objects, as there are many.

Here are 4 key advantages of decorating with see-through items.

Say goodbye to glass!

One of the most important advantages is that you don’t need need to resort to glass. Things change and technology has given us other materials such as methacrylate or Plexiglas.

These materials are resistant, transparent, lighter, less delicate and cheaper.

However, there are things that obviously look better made of glass than made of methacrylate. But some furniture is virtually impossible to manufacture with glass, like chairs.


Transparent items make places look bright because they reflect natural light.

Therefore, they give a visual effect of brightness and amplitude.

You can mix and match them

The best thing about see-through objects is that you can mix and match them with other materials.

However, you shouldn’t overdo it with these objects.

Materials that go perfectly with these objects are wood and metal, among others.

Transparent chairs.

See-through objects offer solutions

Decorating with these items can help liven up a small and dark room.

All you need to do is incorporate some transparent objects to make your room look brand new!

Decorating a house with this interior design trend is very simple because you don’t need a lot of transparent items.

The most popular are:


There are still a lot of glass tables out there. Although these tables are really lovely, they require care and safety rules that we sometimes can’t give them.

An alternative is to use methacrylate tables. They’re resistant and also a lot lighter.

You can find writing desks, dining tables, side tables, and even coffee tables made of methacrylate.

This is undoubtedly a great choice that will wow all your guests!

Transparent elements


People tend to go for transparent chairs. They’re a good choice because they’re relatively inexpensive and can make any room pop.

We often use them in dining rooms or offices. In offices, perhaps the best choice is to buy a swivel chair.

However, you need to place a cushion or sheet over your transparent chair so your legs don’t stick to the surface.

Victoria Ghost and Eames are the most popular choices out there.

Faucets and sinks

Yes, you read it right! Transparent faucets are one of the latest trends.

However, these aren’t suitable for all budgets because they’re made of glass and are really expensive. Philippe Starck designed them.

See-through sink.

What we like the most about this type of faucet is that you can see the water passing through it.

Moreover, see-through sinks are becoming really popular.

Children’s rooms

See-through cribs are all the rage in children’s rooms.

Acrylic cribs have three height levels depending on the child’s age.

The bars are also completely transparent, allowing the child to see everything around them without anything hindering their vision.

The downside is that this crib hasn’t been marketed in Spain yet and, on the other, it’s really expensive (€3,500).


Decorating with transparent and see-through items is all the rage nowadays. It’s very easy to decorate your house using this interior design trend because all you need to do is add a few see-through elements.

See-through things aren’t that expensive. The best part is that they make your home look brighter and spacious!

In addition, there are many other transparent things you can use to decorate such as vases, lamps, and office accessories.

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