How to Decorate your Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is the first room that guests will see when they come to your home. You should make sure it's aesthetically pleasing. Here we present some ideas and styles on how to decorate your entrance hall.
How to Decorate your Entrance Hall

Last update: 26 September, 2018

Normally the entrance hall is an introduction to what can be found in the rest of the house, or in other words, it’s the first point of contact of the decor and design of the whole house.

Dealing correctly with each detail in the decor and decoration of the furnishings will enhance the theme of your house. So, it’s recommended that you have a connection between the style of the entrance and the rest of the house.

Simple entrance

You need to take into account the fact that the entrance hall is a transit area. It won’t ever be used as a place to sleep or as a place to seat guests. The time you’ll be in it will be brief.

Therefore, you can make it a simple space, without being too extravagant or expensive.

A chest or rack with or without drawers, or a small table are good items to use. They should have a simple design with straight lines. As a finishing touch, you could put some flower vases or plants on top to improve the atmosphere.

Don’t forget to add a mirror, that indispensable element that reminds you to take a glance at your appearance before going out. Preferably it should be square and plain, without fancy finishing.

If the entrance doesn’t get much natural light, it’s a good idea to use light-colored furniture so it doesn’t look gloomy.

Simple white entrance hall

Rustic style entrance

For this type of entrance hall, timber will be very important. A rustic look is achieved principally using this material.

Again, simpleness is the objective you should be aiming for. No need to overdecorate, just let the furnishings do the work.

You could use a small table, square or round, to bear decorative objects such as:

  • Plants
  • A lamp
  • Photos
  • Bowls or small containers
  • Key holder

At the same time, it should match any visible wooden beams, or the color of the walls.

A seat at the table can impart a sense of rest and comfort. And of course, there should be a mirror. For a rustic style it should have a wooden frame.

You could lay a rug, not one that is ostentatious, but rather that transmits modesty. It’s important to have the same harmonious tone throughout – earthy and lived-in.

Rustic style entrance hall with wooden floor

Entrance hall with a french gallant style

This style of decor is the polar opposite of the rustic style. To achieve it, you should use curved lines as the principle of your design. Straight lines don’t come into play here.

You could add a sofa with soft curved edges, and a mirror with a curved frame. This shape can denote dynamism. You can also achieve the same effect using a glass chandelier. You could find one with glass pendants that have a woven look to keep the curved lines theme going.

At the side of the sofa you could place a table with a small Art Deco lamp on top. The idea is to transmit a refined, sophisticated vibe; that is to say, splendid or stately, the sense of being in a mansion.

What are the colors you could use? Clear tones; this way the entrance hall will feel bright and luminous. Recommended colors are:

For the floor, many houses that have a french style have ceramic  tiling or pressed cement tiles. With that in mind, should you add in a carpet or rug? It doesn’t matter if you leave the floor exposed, it can still be aesthetically beautiful.

French gallant style entrance hall with Art Deco furnishings

Minimalist entrance hall

Another style gaining prominence in the world of design is the minimalist style. How could you apply it to your entrance hall?

In the first place, you need to take into account that subtlety and ultra-clean lines should be your fundamental principles of design, or in other words straight lines and simple elemental shapes.

You could place a table, a rack with shelves or a small cabinet in the entrance. The furniture you choose shouldn’t have complicated designs, instead it should reflect practicality. On top you could put something to decorate, but don’t overdo it.

With regards to the mirror, it should be square or rectangular. The stability of straight lines should be present throughout.

As minimalism reduces artistic expression to the minimum, receiving visitors with an entrance of this style can make them lose interest if they spend too much time there. So it wouldn’t be particularly useful to have any kind of seating in the entrance. Essentially, the minimalist style should be streamlined and functional.


Any of the styles of entrance hall mentioned above can be very simple to create, however you should take into account the whole of your decor. The entrance hall should be in harmony with the rest of your home.