The 5 Types of IKEA Cabinets

Cabinets serve both storage and decorative purposes within our homes. Here are the 5 types of cabinets you'll find in IKEA.
The 5 Types of IKEA Cabinets

Last update: 30 September, 2018

IKEA cabinets make household storage easy, functional, and fashionable.

They’re perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and even hallways or foyers depending on the type. One of their main benefits is that you can store items inside and not worry about them gathering dust, since cabinets generally have doors.

As we’ll show you in this article, IKEA carries various types of cabinets. Some are must-haves for decorating any home.

We’ve chosen 5 types of IKEA cabinets, according to style and material.

1. HEMNES Cabinet

This cabinet is one of the new pieces from IKEA’s 2018 cabinet selection. It’s unique because it has 3 drawers of 3 different sizes.

Hemnes is made of solid pine wood, so it’s very resistant to damage and will look even better as it ages. It’s white, with a light brown background. It has 2  glass doors and 3 adjustable shelves.

Its dimensions are 90 x 197 centimeters, so it’s tall and thin. Other models, sizes, and colors from the same series can be found on the IKEA website.

This style is perfect for living rooms decorated in the Nordic style. Currently, it’s priced at 349€.

HEMNES Cabinet

2. LIATORP Cabinet

Another IKEA cabinet brand is LIATORP. This cabinet has doors but not drawers.

It has three glass shelves that can be rearranged to fit different-sized objects. It also has two fixed shelves for things that need a more stable surface.

On the other hand, the doors are totally glass, with adjustable legs in case the cabinet seems unstable, or is placed on irregular flooring.

The cabinet is grey and measures 96 x 214 centimeters. Currently, it’s priced at 349€.


3. MALSJÖ – The TV stand

Of all the IKEA cabinets, this is certainly one of our favorites. This black cabinet is 104 x 141 centimeters, so it’s wide, and relatively short. This means you can take advantage of its surface area for a TV, photo frames, etc.

It has two shelves and, uniquely, sliding glass doors.

This cabinet is perfect for the living room or bedroom. If you’re low on space, you can place two MALSJÖ cabinets right next to each other and create what looks like one large cabinet surface. It’s currently priced at 349€.


4. DETOLF – The display case

The DETOLF cabinet is perfect for showing off your favorite, most delicate possessions that you don’t want to hide from your guests.

This cabinet is unique because it’s made totally from glass. This allows for 360 degree viewing of the objects inside. It’s 43 x 163 centimeters, so it’s tall and narrow, with 3 shelves.

This cabinet fits best in elegant living rooms or dressing rooms to hold your nicest shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories

IKEA cabinets

5. FABRIKÖR Cabinet

To round off our list of IKEA cabinets, we have to mention another newcomer to the 2018 range.

The FABRIKÖR cabinet is another of our favorites. It’s white and made of metal and crystal.

Our favorite thing is that the crystal isn’t just found on the two front doors, but on all four sides. This means that FABRIKÖR, like DETOLF, provides a 360 degree view of the objects it contains.

It is 81 x 113 centimeters, so it’s another wide and relatively short cabinet. This, again, means that you can use the surface for displaying other things.

This kind of cabinet is ideal for apartments or lofts decorated in the industrial style. Since it has glass on all four sides, natural light easier passes through it, which in turn makes a space seem brighter.

You can even put it in your office. Truly, the possible uses for this cabinet are endless.

It has two adjustable shelves and adjustable legs. It’s priced at 149€.

FABRIKÖR cabinet


Cabinets are the perfect furniture/storage solution for your home.

Additionally, depending on the type of cabinet, you can use them to display your favorite things while keeping them protected and clean.

However, there’s a security factor to keep in mind. Many cabinet vendors, in this case IKEA, suggests that all cabinets are fixed to the wall. This will prevent the cabinet from ever tipping and falling onto someone.

Overall, cabinets draw attention in whatever living room or space they’re situated. In addition, you can draw the eye even more if you illuminate the shelves inside.

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