6 Best-Selling IKEA Products in 2017

Discover new house decor ideas with the most popular IKEA products in 2017.
6 Best-Selling IKEA Products in 2017

Last update: 18 September, 2018

IKEA is a regarded as an international standard for home decor. Let’s take a look at the most-sold IKEA products in 2017.

KALLAX shelving unit

Organizing any home space is an important job. Regardless of whether you’re organizing a living room or a bedroom, these shelves have great capacity and style.

Their line and basic design attracts buyers due to the simplicity. This piece can really fit in with any style.

The tiers of the Kallax shelving unit can be separated, allowing for order and organization.

There are different dimensions available; consumers can also choose the version that best suits their needs: taller, wider, lower units, etc.

What kind of interior designs work best with these shelves? Let’s look at some examples.

IKEA 2017 Kallax

MELODI light fixture

This light fixture was one of the most-sold lamps in the past years. With its curved lines, this light offers a simple bell-shape.

The simplicity of its design fits perfectly with any decor. In addition, while it’s not an obvious decor feature, it’s not boring at all.

The light’s shape projects light onto a focal point that you  want to illuminate; we recommend placing it above a dining table. That way, the indirect light would light up the rest of the room.

The feelings that this light transmits are: serenity, comfort, peace and subtlety.

IKEA 2017 light fixture

STEFAN chair

Why is this chair so popular? The answer’s simple – it’s because it works with any piece of furniture. In other words, it pulls any set of furniture together.

Both the color and the shape of the Stefan chair make for an interesting aspect for the home.

Rustic living rooms, or even just those that don’t need any kind of specific decoration, are the best settings for these chairs.

The dark tones and the chair’s characteristics help bring balance to a space.


GLIMMA candles

These candles have enjoyed popularity thanks to their price. One pack holds 100 candles which burn for four hours.

With the Glimma candles, you can create an intimate mood, great for nights at home, a romantic dinner or relaxing bath – all for an affordable price.

The price-quality ratio is unbeatable. Each candle costs 0.035 euros (at the time of going to print). Is there a better way to light your evenings than with Glimma candles?

IKEA 2017 GLIMMA candles

MALM dresser

Most people enjoy having a functional set of drawers for their bedroom, office or another other room.

The Malm dresser provides just this; however, it’s design and shape are also very simple. Essentially, it doesn’t just stand out, it does much more than that; it makes our lives easier.

You can find this dresser in different versions that vary in the number of drawers. Normally, the best-selling dresser sets have been the 2-drawer dresser, however, the 4-drawer version has also been quite popular.

It has clean, straight lines with a simple, but robust profile. It’s a great piece for any bedroom.


HEDERLIG glasses

Want to fill your dinner party with glamour? The Hederlig glass set has enjoyed high sales at IKEA in both 2016 and 2017.

What’s so special about these glasses? The design is perfect for enjoying wine. The glass rim slightly narrows, while the bottom of the glass, or the bowl, widens to hold the liquid.

Furthermore, the stem is designed to widen at the base to stand more securely on top of a table.

IKEA 2017 HEDERLIG glass


IKEA is a leading name for high quality products. The quality comes at a great price, which pushes the brand to international successes.

As they say, every time you go to IKEA, you end up buying something. So, we’d like to summarize their products in two words: simplicity and practicality.