5 Mini Garden Ideas for Balconies

Innovate and change the decor of your home by bringing nature to your house. Transform your balcony into a garden.
5 Mini Garden Ideas for Balconies

Last update: 18 September, 2018

Why not convert your balcony into a green space that offers a fresh atmosphere and a little color for your home? We’ll show you 5 mini garden ideas for balconies.

If you live on the first-floor or attic in a building, you can make a small garden that doesn’t only bring nature into your home, but also serves as a decoration.

There are different types of mini gardens; it all depends on if you want a garden that’s floral or colorful. Let’s take a look at some different examples to get some interesting ideas.

Green balcony

The main objective of a green balcony is its greenness. In other words, transforming this part of the house into a beautiful space that’ll brighten up our view every day.

You have to consider that your balcony is visible from the house and to the people passing by on the street. Therefore, you really should take care of all the details.

You can use any kind of plant to convert this small space into a link to nature. Your balcony will be that touch of color that your home needs.

To keep your plants healthy, you need to check on them periodically in addition to making sure that they’re resilient to wind and sunlight.

A good plant for a balcony is aloe vera.

If you want to use furniture, match the colors by using tones such as purple or white.

patio garden

Zen space

How can we make our own patio into a space of relaxation? First off, we need to set up a small area using small wooden planks.

Then, we can place green artificial grass in the fenced area. The final step is to create a structure that ties together the set for an eye-catching result.

Of course, we can complete our garden with potted plants or with a small patch of sand; by doing so, we can create a relaxing atmosphere.

You should keep the following fundamental concepts in mind:

  • Order
  • Logic
  • Balance

Perfect tranquility consists in the good order of the mind, in your own kingdom. 

-Marco Aurelio-

You have to plan with these ideas. In order to establish a tranquil atmosphere. You can also use a dim-lit lamp.

And of course, you mustn’t forget about water. A small running fountain is perfect for a small space. You can find them in many stores.

Garden fountain

Potted plant garden

Another noteworthy idea can be to use potted plants. There’s a wide range of possibilities.

You can find both indoor and outdoor potted plants, making it possible to match all kinds of climates. However, you should always factor in heating or sun exposure.

If you have a closed patio, overheating can become a problem. You should be familiar with the plants that you’re going to have in your garden and if they’re adaptable to all kinds of climates.

Below, we have a list of some indoor plants that resist heat perfectly:

  • Orchids
  • Kalachoe
  • Begonias
  • Ivy
  • Areca

In addition to plants, what else can we add to our small garden? A great idea is placing a lamp, chair, small table or cushion on the floor. These are wonderful ways to create a peaceful ambiance.

Garden additional elements

Vertical gardens

Another idea that breaks balcony garden stereotypes are vertical gardens. These are very original and innovative.

Vertical gardens use wooden slats fitted with flower pots or small flowerbeds where plants grow. Their organization means that the plants grow very close to one another.

If you have a wide patio, you can perch the vertical garden onto a wall or railing. It’ll definitely turn heads, so make sure that it boasts a variety of plants instead of just one species.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. 

-Henry Matisse-

Garden vertical

Your garden as a retreat

Why not make your garden a place for retreat and reflection? Offer your guests a glass of wine in the garden with some seating, cushions and a background of plants.

The best way to present plants is by putting them in the center with the furniture, using pots or a long flowerbed that’s easy to water.

How can you give your garden a special atmosphere? This is where decor, such as wicker armchairs, wooden chairs and lights plays an important role. You can try:

  • LED garlands
  • String lights
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Solar lamps


Try out these ideas and you’ll score big in outdoor design.

Bring a little color and life to your home, innovate with garden ideas and brighten your life with each trip to your patio.