Vintage Mirror Ideas for Your Bedroom

October 8, 2018
Give your room a vintage feel by creating a vintage mirror and hanging it up on your wall.

Are you looking for something new and original that has both an innovative yet antiquated feel to it? Check out our vintage bedroom mirror ideas.

Sometimes we get the urge to change our room and break through the drab norm.

We’re used to normal rooms that have typical decor; this can get a little boring so how about thinking up new ideas by using mirrors?

Currently, the vintage trend is making bigger and bigger waves. Do we really know what this trend is all about?


What can really define or explain the term vintage? Vintage describes an object that isn’t an antique but rather something that is still a valuable but older object.

Vintage definition

In other words, vintage items are things that have been around for a long time, aren’t currently on the market and have seen a change in their original function or use.

Do vintage things have something historical about them? They do; every vintage object has its own history and life context.

From that point of view, these objects acquire an artistic use and, in most cases, not a functional one. Consequently, they gain a decorative character.

-These days, vintage is referred to as a retro or classic style.-

Julián Pérez Porto and María Merino

Vintage mirrors

Using the features that we explained above, we can now talk about how to use a vintage mirror in decor.

A mirror is a must for a bedroom; we get ready with the help of our mirror every day. Because we use it so often, it’s just as important as any other piece of bedroom furniture.

Vintage Mirror important furniture

Here are some vintage bedroom mirror ideas:

  • Sun mirror: circular shape with sun rays that extend from the rim. Sun mirrors were very popular in the 19th century as well as the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Baroque mirror: oval shape, sports curved, rocky and vegetable designs along with a dynamic character.
  • Rusted metal: circular or oval shape, rusted frame.
  • Distressed wood: circular or square shape, reflects the passing of time without loosing its beauty.

Vintage bedroom mirror ideas: placement

We want to draw eyes towards the mirror, so it’s essential that we place it in a visible and attractive space.

However, remember that mirrors don’t just serve as decoration, you’ll also use them everyday to look at yourself.

Vintage mirror placement

The best places to place your vintage mirror are:

  • In front of your bed: you can maintain the symmetry of your room with your mirror; placing it here can bring your room into balance while showcasing the mirror’s beauty.
  • On a side wall: any wall can be an interesting place for your mirror as long as it allows the mirror to have a decorative presence in the area.

Places that you should avoid putting your vintage mirror are:

  • On the wall behind your bed: it’ll break the decorative balance of the room, overwhelming this area.
  • Next to your closet door: try to avoid any spaces that are in the way of a door that opens and closes.
  • Behind the bedroom door.
  • Next to a window: try distancing your mirror from any windows to light up your reflection with indirect light.

Colors and a vintage effect

Any color can fit with the vintage feel; it all depends on how you work with the material, design, and the object itself.

Vintage mirror color effect

Let’s take a look at some color examples that you might find for vintage bedroom mirrors:

  • Gold or silver: these colors work great for gallant or Baroque-style mirrors.
  • Pink, green and yellow: these colors aren’t the usual choices for mirrors because they’re quite intense, breaking with the norm and making for a hard match with furniture.
  • Distressed: antique and Bohemian character that sees the original material peeking out from underneath the paint. This style goes perfectly with any kind of furniture.
  • White: pure, clean and simple.
  • Gaudier material: original and informal.


Using vintage accessories can be a win for our home decor. In the case of mirrors, vintage ones bring grace and character into any kind of room.

Don’t forget that vintage isn’t just something that’s old. Vintage is something from the past with original and modern details that serves a new purpose.