4 Ideas to Make the Most out of Sun Mirrors

A sun mirror will give your home a retro feel and turn the heads of all your visitors.
4 Ideas to Make the Most out of Sun Mirrors

Last update: 27 September, 2018

Sun mirrors have become a popular vintage piece for home decor. They give a classy feel to the room that they grace.

There’s no question about it: they can make a room feel a little retro, regardless of its original style. Sun mirrors can really dress up the barer walls in a home as well. They’ll steal the attention of your guests and change the feel of your home.

There are plenty of ways to use sun mirrors at home. In today’s post, we’ll talk about how to get the most out of your sun mirror, giving your walls a new look. Get on the band wagon!


Sunburst mirrors have enjoyed a lot of popularity in the 20th century despite actually having entered the scene a few years earlier.

They were objects that decorated the houses of the most powerful noble families. These mirrors were common in palaces, castles and even in churches.

In the decor world, the artisan comeback pushed these mirrors back into the spotlight, making them the perfect decor elements for our homes. We see them everywhere in decoration magazines and blogs. They give our rooms an extra something by adding a little Victorian flare.

Sun mirror decor element

1. Entrance

A home’s entrance is one of its most important rooms. It’s the first impression and in light of that, we should make sure that the entrance decor coincides with the decor used in the rest of the rooms.

Propping up a sun mirror on top of the dresser in your home’s entrance will give a natural feel that’ll surprise guests. Another idea is to place it next to a coat-hanger. You make them work together by fixing the height of the mirror at the height of the hooks. Doing so will completely change the ambiance of your home’s entrance.

A space, like the entrance, that’s usually so simple and normal can really benefit from a different air by using these kinds of mirrors. They make your home chic starting from the first step inside.

Sun Mirror Entrance

2. Living room

Another perfect place for a sun mirror is the living room. It’s one of the best places to show off such a piece because it’s constantly in use. We recommend adding this retro vibe by hanging a sun mirror on a wall above the sofa. In addition to visually adding space and depth to your living room, the mirror will act as the perfect decor piece.

One of our favorite places for sun mirrors is also right next to a showcase cabinet. The combination of glass and mirror will brighten up the space. And if you take it another step further by adding a hanging plant, the results will be impossible to outdo!

If you have a fireplace, a sun mirror will also look great there as well. It’ll look beautiful when you have a fire going because of the flames’ reflection, which will add even more warmth to your living room.

For our more daring readers, a great idea is playing around with different mirror sizes, colors and designs to create a collage. If your living room is completely white, a set of gold tones will match perfectly. If you want something a little more bold, go for black; it’s a classic.

These mirrors will offer elegance and a uniqueness to any area of your living room. You might most often find them in gold, but you can always take a risk and try using other colors or materials.

Sun mirror gold

3. Mirrors as a headboard addition

Another of our favorite places for these beautiful mirrors is above a headboard. In addition to decorating and reflecting light in a bedroom, they can bring life into the ambiance as well.

Similar to what we talked about with living rooms, you could also try creating a mirror collage on your bedroom walls. You could even use vinyls, posters or photographs to mix with your mirror. It’s the detail that you need for your bedroom’s finishing touch.

For bedrooms, we enjoy using wicker, ratan, gold-colored metals and wood the most. They add something subtle along with elegance. These mirrors will make any bedroom a more comfortable and beautiful place. Dare to try one above your headboard?

Sun mirror headboard

4. Bathroom

A bathroom just might be the place that you’d least expect for a sun mirror. But, why not? Try hanging a sun mirror above the sink. Keep in mind that you’ll need to find mirror that’s big enough to see yourself to keep things practical.

The mirror will give your bathroom a noble and distinguished quality. If you use it with classic-style or vintage furniture, your bathroom will look magazine-worthy. How will that make you feel?

Sun mirror bathroom

These mirrors are making heads turn in the decoration world and we couldn’t love them more. Choose one that you’re crazy about and give your home a new feel!