4 Ideas for a Low-Cost Bohemian Patio

You don't need to spend a small fortune to get the patio of your dreams.
4 Ideas for a Low-Cost Bohemian Patio

Last update: 15 September, 2018

Do you want a low-cost bohemian patio? In our homes, the patio is the area that we most often neglect to decorate. In addition to only being able to use patios seasonally, because we can´t use furniture year-round due to weather conditions, we end up investing neither time nor money on the patio. And that’s a huge mistake.

The patio can become one of our favorite spots if we show it some love and dedication. It could be a place to rest, eat, read a book, sunbathe and even entertain family and friends. Sticking a table with four chairs on the patio area isn’t enough. We have to make it ours; we have to value it just like any other room in our home.

In today’s post, we’ll show you how to create a low-cost bohemian patio This style is really popular these days in outdoor decor. To get the look, you don’t need to spend lots of money. We can find low-cost furniture without sacrificing style. Read on and give your patio a completely new look!

1. Tribal fabrics

These kinds of fabrics will help give the right vibe. They create a casual, light atmosphere, and you can play with an infinite amount of colors. Red, orange, brown, grey and blue tones have to be used. Any colors that we can find in nature are welcome in this style as they create a space of peace and stillness.

Look for vibrant, tribal pillowcases and decorative pillows. Mix and match them however you like and create the most relaxed space that you can. Remember to create contrast with with colors. Arrange some pillows on the ground for a Moroccan feel.

Try out some Kilim rugs as well. These rugs hail from Asia and having covered the floors and walls of the first nomads they’re also considered to be the oldest kind of rugs in the world. They’re hand-woven and not made of animal skin. With these rugs you can achieve a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Don’t forget to have a blanket, which matches the decor, ready on top of the sofa or a chair; it’ll come in handy on chillier nights.

You can find low-cost rugs and pillows at IKEA. IKEA offers a wide variety of options and pricing, making a low-cost bohemian patio possible.

Boho Moroccan Patio

2. Poofs and hammocks

Poofs and hammocks are key pieces for bohemian patios. They help create a relaxed and comfortable setting. Investing in these pieces will be the best way to get a low-cost bohemian patio.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money. We’re well aware that poofs and hammocks are often expensive and even more so when made of leather or natural fabrics. However, there are reasonably priced ones on the market.

Spanish department store El Corte Inglés offers the “Hamaca de colgar Copacabana” (hanging hammock), which makes a great option for your patio and most importantly, it’s economical. You could even try buying just the fabric to make your own hammock the way you like it.

As for poofs, we can find them in any home decor store. At IKEA, you can find a large selection of designs, sizes and prices. Look for the one that best suits you and don’t think twice about buying it. It’ll be a great investment!

It’s crystal clear that these pieces are the perfect complements for a bohemian patio. The peace that they transmit will make you want to stay on the patio forever. Can you imagine laying down in a hammock and reading your favorite book on your own patio?

Bohemian Patio Hammock

3. Wicker: the superstar for the low-cost bohemian patio

As we’ve already mentioned in some of our previous posts, wicker is a material that matches any room perfectly. We can use wicker in both interior and exterior decor because it weathers well.

Wicker baskets can store a variety of patio items such as blankets, pillows or anything else that might come to mind. And wicker baskets aren’t the only decorative items for the patio. We can also buy wicker chairs or stools, or even rugs and sofas. Wicker will give your patio a more boho look and fill the area with warmth.

Bohemian patio wicker

4. Green plants

For a fresh, “living” space, we recommend getting some plants. In addition to providing a green atmosphere, you’ll also enjoy the exotic feel that they offer. Plants look great next to wicker or fabrics.

Some plants that you might consider are Spider Plants, Aloe Vera or Schefflera Arboricola . They’re all very weather-resilient as long as they receive indirect light. They don’t need that much care; you only need to spray them habitually. Vines, such as Morning Glory or Green Ripple, will also add an air of paradise to your patio.

Another idea is using wood pallet decorated with flowerpots. You could set it up yourself, making it a very economical decor piece. It’s easy; lean a couple of pallets against the wall. Make sure that they’re enough space for the flower pots inside and keep them in place with some nails and you’re done.

Bohemian patio flowers plants

Did you like our low-cost bohemian patio ideas? Now, all you have to do is give them a try! Surprise your guests with a patio that looks like it came straight out of a magazine!

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