7 Great Modern Nightstands for Your Room

There are so many different kinds of nightstands available that it's hard to choose the right one for our room. We've prepared a list of 7 modern models for your convenience.
7 Great Modern Nightstands for Your Room

Last update: 05 October, 2018

Until some time ago, people normally bought bedroom furniture sets that included nightstands. However, it’s not so much the case anymore these days; space is limited and our personal taste in style has changed. In today’s post, we’ll give you some ideas for nightstands that are perfect for your room.

Ideas for modern nightstands

Nobody can deny that nightstands are practical, functional and necessary– even if they aren’t that big. If your nightstand is large enough to hold a lamp, cellphone and a class of water, that’s enough. Modern nightstands are smaller, but they have the space that you need to keep all the things that you want. Take a look at our ideas and choose the one that best suits you for your room:

1. Corner-shelf nightstand

Do you have an extra small room? Then you might not have the space for a nice table lamp, but don’t fret. You can always find a solution like a corner-shelf nightstand. This is a triangular-shaped shelf that’s easily installed on any wall.

You might not find the perfect size or shape at a furniture store, but you will at a woodwork workshop. In fact, you could even make it yourself after buying all the materials. Keep in mind that the objects you place on the shelf can’t exceed its weight capacity.

2. Industrial style

You don’t have to build a house if you want to make good use out of blocks or bricks. You can buy them by the unit at any home improvement store. Or if someone you know has just finished a home project, you could always ask for their leftover material. Good old cement blocks, the kind with holes, will be great for the project.

Nightstands cement

You only need to set them up in a way that allows you to use the holes as a shelf to keep the things that you frequently use: a book, your medication, a cellphone, glasses, etc. On the top, you could try using a lamp that you like: we recommend using an extendable metal lamp. Then you’ll be all set with your industrial look!

3. Floating shelf

Modern nightstands don’t take up any floor space because, we either don’t have any or we’d just prefer to have less things “in the way”. They’re easy to clean and keep things more organized.

Floating nightstands are great because they combine the minimalist look while taking up very little space. Thus, they’re small and… easy to find! You can install it in minutes. Remember that you’ll be able to use it only for your indispensable items: a book, cellphone and another item more. As for the lamp, we recommend using a model that can be installed on a wall.

4. Wooden nightstand

Nordic-style bedrooms commonly use this material whether it’s for the bed frame or other furniture, including nightstands. You won’t have to buy this; you can make it yourself or reuse an old bench.

Nightstand trunk

A big hunk of varnished wood (or a tree trunk if you like) with three or four legs attached will give you a modern nightstand that’s great for all kinds of objects! Of course, look for a lamp that shares the same style or color to match the stand.

5. Vertical nightstand

The vertical nightstand is designed for people who have a lot of items or those who just who want to make the most out of their space. The vertical stands have several shelves at different heights to hold whatever we want.

This is a great idea for people who don’t have that much space between their wall and bed. You can install this nightstand on the wall, or place in on the floor. There are all kinds of colors and materials available. They’re wonderful!

6. Drawer

If you’ve remodeled your room or a piece of furniture at some point, you might have some leftover pieces laying around. If you have an extra drawer, try painting it and installing it on a wall as a nightstand.

Nightstand recycle

The advantage of using this kind of nightstand is that it won’t take up floor space and the items that you place on top won’t fall over. And it’s completely original.

7. Bench

Find a small bench that’s made of a material that matches your bedroom (wood, plastic, metal, etc.) and use it as a nightstand. You could even cover it with a blanket to match it with your blankets or curtains.