Everything you Need to Know about Crocheted Blankets

Everything you Need to Know about Crocheted Blankets

Last update: 28 September, 2018

Who said crocheting was old fashioned? Crocheted blankets are a clear example that old styles can make a come back. This type of blanket offers a multitude of possibilities, and you can find them in various styles. They are also perfect to give a new feel to your bedroom. Thanks to your crocheted blanket your decor could look rejuvenated.

And if you like sewing and crafts, why not make your own blanket? We will tell you step by step how to do it and where you can find inspiration.

In the following article, we will tell you all you need to know about the new trend: crocheted blankets.


Crocheted blankets have many advantages that you should take into account if you would like to make one:

  • They are very resistant. Different from other weaves, they neither fray nor stretch out of shape. This means that they will last and last, and won’t appear old and faded with time.
  • You can find an endless variety of designs, so you’re sure to find one that fits your bedroom and tastes perfectly. From the most classic, to finer blankets, thicker or very colorful ones, there are countless patterns to choose from.
  • They are easily washable, and don’t need special care or cleaning products. Don’t worry about cleaning them too often, since they stay reasonably clean with the passing of time.
  • They are perfect for children’s bedrooms, because of their resistance, variety of designs and easy cleaning. We all know that kids love to jump on the bed, play on it and of course make a mess, so crocheted blankets are an excellent choice.
Crochet can be done with many different colors

And why not make one yourself?

Why drive yourself crazy searching for the perfect blanket if you can make it yourself? You only need a little patience and to buy suitable materials.

You can find endless tutorials and patterns that can help you to make your own blanket on the Internet,.  There are videos for beginners right through to videos for people with sewing and craft experience, so the difficulty isn’t really an excuse for you not to make your own. Here we highlight the following two tutorials:

  • In this video it teaches you to make a fun blanket made up of stripes of different colors. It would be perfect for your child’s bedroom.
  • In this other video it shows a more classic option, a beautiful white blanket made with a popcorn crochet stitch.

If what you need is inspiration, you could always take a look at Pinterest and find attractive options to be able to make your blanket yourself.

Crocheted blankets can be a beautiful addition to your decor

Crocheted blankets as family heirlooms

You could also give a new life to your mother’s or grandmother’s crocheted blanket. She will most likely have one stored away in the attic or in a box somewhere. It would be a shame if these little family treasures weren’t taken out and given the place they deserve in the home.

We encourage you to search for these reminders of the past in your grandparents’ house. You will probably find a crocheted blanket stored away that once upon a time was used every day for years.

Also, they can be a precious reminder of your family. Using a family heirloom such as a blanket could have important symbolic value in your bedroom.

More uses

Crocheted blankets have the main function of being used as a cover on top of the bed, but you could also use them in other places in your home. You could put one on the sofa to protect it, or even have it folded up at the side of the sofa to use when it’s a bit chilly.

Another option is to make crocheted cushion covers for your sofa or bed. This is a very original idea you could combine with the blanket you’re using, and add to the atmosphere of the room.

White crocheted cushion covers to decorate the bed

You could also use smaller crocheted pieces you’ve made to cover some of your kitchen appliances or utensils, for example as a teapot cover.  Or you could even use it just as a tablecloth to protect your table from being scratched.

In the olden days crocheted covers were used a lot in the bathroom, to cover the toilet paper holder or as a cover for the toilet lid. You probably remember those in the house of your grandparents.

If you like that style of crochet to decorate your house, we encourage you to do it yourself. It will look fantastic!

It’s a shame that crocheted blankets, that are real works of art, don’t get used much anymore and don’t get shown off in the home. We encourage you to take them out and give them a new lease of  life in your home, or even make one yourself. Your choice!


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