2 of the best covers for your chaise longue sofas

Read all you need to know about several chaise longue sofa covers that you will love.
2 of the best covers for your chaise longue sofas

Last update: 17 September, 2018

In this post you will find all you need to know about several covers for your chaise longue sofa. 

As you will already know, chaise longue sofas extend on one side to allow you to completely stretch out your legs.

However, these sofas can become dirty easily. Even more so if you have kids or pets in your home. Some people try to avoid this problem by buying a sofa in a darker color or with a heavily patterned design.

So, covers are ideal for these sofas. Firstly, they are extremely easy to clean and they also help to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room. It’s also worth pointing out that these covers come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you won’t have any difficulty in finding the right cover for you.

Consider this – it’s much cheaper to buy a new cover than it is to buy a new sofa. Despite these covers being harder to find than those for other types of sofa, all you need to do is look more closely.

In this post you can also read about two types of cover offered by IKEA. Don’t forget that the chaise longue sofas will need to be purchased separately as an addition to the cover, as will any cushions and their covers.


This first chaise longue sofa (sofa bed) cover is very easy to take off and put back one, so it won’t take you long to remove it when you want to give it a wash.

It is made of polyester and cotton, making it feel very soft to the touch.  

Another advantage of this cover is that it comes with a washable mattress protector. This makes it even easier to keep your sofa clean. The cover is machine-washable at temperatures lower than 60º C.

Chaise longue sofa
Funda Vilasund /ikea.com

In terms of washing the cover itself, this is best washed on its own at temperatures lower than 40º C. It’s also a good idea to avoid using bleach or a tumble dryer. When you iron the cover, make sure that the temperature does not exceed 150º C.

This cover is available in light grey, dark brown, a grey-green, coal grey, dark blue and beige. It costs between €129.00 and €179.00.


The care advice for this cover is the same as that for the previous cover. The only difference is that you can iron this cover at the higher temperature of 200º C, rather than 150º C.

Funda Backabro / ikea.com

It is available in beige, white (which is a commonly used color in decoration), dark grey and red. The price for this cover ranges between €159.00 and €309.00.

Other chaise longue sofa covers offered by IKEA

A chaise longue would also provide another seating area within your sitting room, set apart from the sofa itself.

Some examples, also from IKEA, are: VIMLE, KIVIK, SÖDERHAMN and GRÖNLID. These cost between €50.00 and €150.00.

Another option is to purchase a cover for just the chaise longue section of your sofa. The NORSBORG is an example of such a cover.

If you choose this option, we would that you opt for a cover that matches the color of your sofa so that it doesn’t clash. If you can’t find one in the same color, you could also choose a sofa cover and a chaise longue cover in different shades. This will give your room the perfect look.

This cover is available in beige, bright green, white and dark grey. It only costs €50.00, so it is undoubtedly an affordable option.


We hope that you like these chaise longue cover options. It’s clear that these are all quite practical, affordable and useful.

In addition, remember that these covers are available in a range of colours, so you won’t have any difficulty in finding one that suits your taste and meets your requirements. It’s worth bearing in mind the “psychology” of colours and the way they affect your mood.

Although we’re sure you won’t have any problem using your covers, don’t forget that the instructions are on the IKEA website in PDF format.

Lastly, remember that, if you prefer not to wash your covers separately, you always have the option of dry cleaning them. IKEA recommends having your covers professionally dry cleaned using a standard treatment with PCE and hydrocarbons.