The Best IKEA Kitchen Carts

September 15, 2018
It never hurts to have extra space to cook or store kitchen items. Instead of buying a fixed kitchen island, you can buy kitchen carts that you can move wherever you want, whenever you want.

IKEA kitchen islands and kitchen carts are really functional. IKEA sells many different options to suit all tastes. Their prices are affordable too.

Kitchen islands have become very popular lately.

They offer a lot of advantages depending on the type. For example, there are some that are also used as dining tables, others that make perfect workbenches, and others that offer some extra storage space.

However, fixed islands can only be installed in kitchens with enough space. We don’t recommend installing them in small kitchens because they take up a lot of room.

In today’s article, we show you the best IKEA kitchen carts. They’re the perfect alternative to an island because you can move them around anywhere!

On IKEA’s website, you can also find kitchen islands made up of modular cabinets that you can design yourself by choosing side panels, drawers, countertops, handles, and other items.

The best IKEA kitchen carts

Kitchen carts are perfect because you can move them around the kitchen. They offer flexibility because you can leave them wherever suits you best.

In addition, they’re excellent for separating rooms, in lofts, for example.

We’ve made a list of the best IKEA kitchen carts based on their size, storage capacity, and other characteristics such as their material and the possibility of adding stools.

RIMFORSA workbench

This is one of the best kitchen carts we’ve ever seen.

It’s large (120×63.5×92 cm) and you can work right on it. Furthermore, it’s structure is made of steel and its countertop is made of bamboo. These two materials make this kitchen cart look both warm and sturdy.

It has two front drawers for storage and the bottom consists of two shelves which you can use to store your dishes.

Something very unique about this workbench is that it has adjustable feet to compensate for any irregularities in the floor you’re working on. In addition, you can switch the places of the various shelves. Its price is €399.

Rimforsa work table.

FLYTTA kitchen cart

This kitchen cart is made of stainless steel and measures 98×57 cm.

It’s the perfect kitchen cart because it offers an extra work space that’s both stable and elegant.

Furthermore, it offers extra storage space in the form of two shelves.

It’s very functional and comfortable as it has wheels that you can use to move it all around the kitchen effortlessly. Its price is €159.

Flytta kitchen cart.

FÖRHÖJA kitchen cart

This cart is one of our favorites. It’s made entirely of birch wood and measures 100×43 cm. This makes it the perfect work space.

It has two shelves that can store up to 9 bottles each.

It also has two storage drawers in the top which can be opened from both sides.

Finally, it has two wheels on one side which allow you to move it from side to side. Its price is quite attractive at only €99.

Förhoja kitchen cart.

NORRÅKER side board

We have included this side board in this list because it measures 120×50 cm, which makes it the perfect work space! It’s also made entirely of solid birch.

It’s a great extra work surface and has a drawer and a spacious shelf that’s perfect for storing pots.

Norraker sideboard.

And since it only has one shelf, you can easily place one or two stools behind it.

Its price is €149.

STENSTORP kitchen cart

Although its slightly smaller (45x43x90 cm) than the rest, we love this cart because of how functional it is (it has a drawer and three shelves).

What we like most about it is that you can mix and match multiple kitchen carts (for example, 2 or 3 to create an island with more work space).

Stenstorp kitchen cart.

It’s available in two colors (black and white) and has two wheels on one side.

As for the material, it’s made of solid oak wood painted black or white and its countertop is made of solid oak.

The price of this kitchen cart is €129.


You should definitely buy one of the IKEA kitchen carts on this list if you need extra storage space in your kitchen!

Although we sometimes imagine that kitchen islands should be huge, fixed spaces, kitchen carts are great alternatives for small spaces.

The big advantage is that many have wheels so you can move them all around the kitchen and take them wherever else you need to use them.