4 Kinds of Bathroom Tiles for a Complete Change

Tiles are a classic option for bathroom decor. They give a touch of elegance and originality.
4 Kinds of Bathroom Tiles for a Complete Change

Last update: 26 September, 2018

Bathrooms are an extremely important room in our home, which is the reason why we’re going to teach you how to use bathroom tiles for decoration. Bathrooms aren’t just a room that the entire family needs, but they’re also where we spend our most private moments. Bathroom decor can be a little complicated because we need to consider several different things.

First off, a bathroom should be a safe, warm place, which is an objective that we too often forget.

It should also be a place of maximum cleanliness. At the same time, it should also be a beautiful space.

As time goes by, our bathrooms become outdated and need renovating. Sometimes small projects or little tweaks here and there just aren’t enough.

On those occasions, we need a more radical change. Tiles can be something that can completely change a bathroom.

Using tiles to decorate a bathroom might not seem anything ordinary, but times change and tile styles do too. In light of that, changing them is a great way to transform your bathroom.

In our post today, we’ll go over 4 different bathroom tiles for a completely different bathroom.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are very typical in bathroom decor. They’re the most common type available.

The reason for their popularity lies in their easy maintenance and cleaning in addition to their price.

Consequently, they’re not the best-quality tile around.

However, in today’s market, you can find ceramic tiles that look like wood. These tiles can add a lot of warmth to your bathroom.

Tiles bathroom ceramic wood

Porcelain tiles for bathroom decor

Porcelain tiles are very similar to their ceramic counterparts. They’re also easy to maintain and clean.

However in terms of quality, porcelain tiles are better, resulting in a higher price.

Tiles porcelain bathroom

Natural stone tiles for bathroom decor

Natural stone tiles are great for rustic bathrooms. They have plenty of personality and a unique feel.

On the other hand, they’re a more expensive option and because of their natural quality, they retain more humidity. You can find both natural or imitation stone options.

tiles stone bathroom

Glass tiles for bathroom decor

Glass tiles are a high-quality product. They’re also beautiful and elegant. They’re perfect for modern bathrooms.

As for their cleaning and maintenance, they’re not a problem either. However, if you’re leaning towards glass tile options, be aware that they’re quite expensive.

Glass tiles bathroom decor

What should I know before using tiles in my bathroom decor?

Decorating a bathroom with tiles can help us make the most out of the space.

The first thing that you should be considering is the shape and size, or the design, of your bathroom. If you have a narrow, longer bathroom, you could add some width by choosing darker tiles for the lateral walls and lighter ones for the back wall.

If you have a small bathroom, chose light colors and smaller-sized tiles.

Lighting is also an important factor to consider when considering bathroom tiles.

If you have plenty of natural light pouring into your bathroom, you’ll have more bathroom tile options at your fingertips. On the contrary, a darker bathroom needs shinier and lighter tiles, such as white.

In addition to your bathroom size, design and lighting, you should also be thinking about the decor style that you want for your bathroom.

Tiles aren’t just tiles; you can find certain tiles for particular styles. Before buying, you should decide the kind of style that you want.

For example, if you want a vintage bathroom, chose an old-fashioned mosaic type of tile.

Last but not least, you should know how your bathroom is laid out.

Understanding your bathroom layout will prevent plenty of headaches because tiling is a project that’s time-consuming. Though it’s not a too complicated reform, it needs a lot of work.

Be sure that you know exactly where your counters will go, on which wall you’ll put the tiles and which walls to skip, etc.


Decorating the bathroom requires our creative and imaginative side.

For a successful result, try going to tile stores and play around with different tile combinations.

For example, imagine how your bathroom would look with an entire wall done in one kind of tile; only some of your walls with a tile finish; or with just tiling your walls halfway.

You have the final word on the creative limits.