Natural Light Home Decor

Here are the keys for knowing how to use lighting as an element of decor.
Natural Light Home Decor

Last update: 15 November, 2018

Having a home that’s filled with light and natural decor is, without a doubt, one of the better characteristics in home decor.

A house that lets in beautiful, natural light is much more attractive than one that doesn’t. Knowing how to use natural light will allow you to highlight the decor details that you want to be seen. Consequently, taking advantage of your home and of each area through which light enters is very important.

It’s not an easy job, so we’d like to use today’s post to explain some tips on achieving that sense of brightness and comfort. Add some more magic and charm to your home!

The white wall phenomenon

If you’re not sure about your wall color, don’t think twice about using white. White brings the perfect light and illumination and gives a home that Nordic feel. It couldn’t be more versatile and allows light to reflect in addition to simply helping a home to shine. What’s more is that out of all the colors, white gives off the strongest feeling of freshness.

Everything doesn’t need to be white. You can also try breaking the pattern and creating contrast by incorporating another neutral color to keep things from looking the same. Another great option is trying wallpaper, using tones that are similar to your home’s palette.

Or you could try painting the ceiling a different color. You can be bold and try a completely different color, or simply keep using pastel tones without straying too far from your home’s original colors. Either way, the results will visually enlarge the room and give it more depth as well.

Use white for other elements like furniture, textiles or decorative objects as well. They’ll absorb natural light and create a space where freshness overflows. However, if you want to use another color in your home decor, you can try something more daring and mix in blue elements, too. This look will reflect the oh-so-captivating traditional Mediterranean decor.

light home decor

Subtle lighting

All of your home’s artificial light should be subtle while lighting up an entire room sufficiently. In addition, make sure that you seek out options with adjustable light intensity because you won’t need the same kind of light all the time.

If your home has more of an industrial style, a great option could be using metal-plated lamps. They’ll offer plenty of light while serving as a decor piece at the same time.

On the other hand, if you’re house has more of a Nordic feel, we suggest using naked lightbulbs in your bedroom. Using them just as they come is a popular trend and they create a warm, well-lit ambiance.

Another interesting idea is playing with cold and warm light contrasts. Doing this will sharpen your home’s setting as its rooms don’t all follow the same lighting pattern. As an example, your bathroom and living room would use a different kind of lighting.

You can place stand or halogen lamps in the areas that require a stronger spotlight or you can try ambiance lamps for rooms that need more light in general.

Something else to try is highlighting some of our home’s details by using hidden lights. For example, you could place small spotlights on mountings, ceilings or behind a picture. Spotlighting will help you create a sensation of light in any room regardless of the other lights there are.

Light spotlight

Curtains are key for a light and natural decor

For a light and natural home feel, you’ll have to think about your curtain placement. Knowing how to light up your rooms is important. Understanding how to use natural light is even more so.

To use natural light, your curtains need to be made of a material that allows light to enter the room. Look for light fabrics such as muslin in lighter colors. These kinds of curtains will allow for plenty of natural light while decorating a room at the same time.

During the day, leave your curtains open to take make the most of the sun, and capture the light and heat. Make sure that none of your furniture or decor pieces block the path of light.

Big windows that aren’t decorated will make your house seem short on the warmth that we all seek for a home. Curtains are perfect to help you achieve this special feeling that can change a home entirely.

Lighting curtains natural light

Mirrors multiply light

Mirrors couldn’t be more trendy for homes these days. Using mirrors can multiply the light in your home. If we strategically place them we can make our rooms look bigger. So, in addition to being both functional and decorative, they could also be a tool to make a room seem more spacious. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

You could try propping them against a wall. This works well if you have a taller mirror. A propped mirror will offer an interesting perspective of the room and the result will look marvelous!

For a fresher and more natural home ambiance, play around with different shapes and sizes of mirrors. Place them in front of a window and make a room seem much bigger than it actually is. Furniture and decor pieces that include some kind of mirror will also help highlight natural light. Mirrors are perfect tools for smaller homes.

Light mirrors

As you’ve read today, you can achieve a light and natural decor easily by following these tips. If you keep your house organized and use more decor elements such as plants or natural pieces, you can enjoy a fresher environment. Try these ideas for a change!