Neutral and Silver Tones to Decorate your Walls

Do you want to renovate your home? Here you will find the latest decor trend of using neutral and silver tones. You'll also read about how to decorate your walls with them.
Neutral and Silver Tones to Decorate your Walls

Last update: 17 December, 2018

Decorating your walls can sometimes be a tricky job. You have to take into consideration the aesthetic of your home first, and what impression you want it to give. We’ll show you various ways you can decorate your walls using neutral and silver tones.

These colors are the latest trend in interior decor and can be a beautiful and elegant combination. To decorate your walls, you should consider what features you want to include and how to combine your chosen colors.

You can find quite a wide variety of silver tones available. Silver comes in opaque or brilliant, with or without texture and many more variations. In the following article, you can learn about how to use color in your home (neutral and silver), how to combine them and what type of features you could include on your walls.

Neutral and silver tones: a decor trend

First, we want to show you some variants that exist in neutral tones, and also some special characteristics of the color silver. Then, we will show you  how you can combine the two tones to create a gorgeous and balanced visual composition on your walls.

In a decor with neutral and silver tones, you could include some silver plated items as a feature

Neutral tones

Neutral tones are those colors that can be used as base tones in your decor. You can also use them as alternate colors in combination with a contrast color. Within the neutral tones range you can find: white, bone, canvas, beige, various grays and black.

To achieve the perfect combination with one of these tones, you could choose a vibrant color or one that will subtly go with your chosen neutral color. With that in mind, silver tones can be a great option to combine with any one of these neutral colors mentioned above.

Silver tones

On the other hand, silver is an elegant and refined tone that is principally characterized by actual silver items. Over the years, this tone has emerged in fabrics, paint for walls and many more things.

It’s a modern and interesting color to use for the walls of your home. It’s also highly prized for its brilliance and appearance depending on the texture or the object it’s applied to. Therefore, by using this color, you could generate a visual balance using opaque and brilliant colors and textures.

Walls with both colors

With the above in mind, you could combine neutral and silver tones in various ways. In the following section, we will show you some examples of color combinations you could try.

A bedroom decor in neutral and silver tones can be very elegant with the right balance

Light gray, white and silver

Gray and silver could be a perfect combination for the walls of your home. If you wish, you could add a little bit of white to balance the effect and to lighten the room. A very pretty option to paint the walls of your home with these tones is to use the ‘half painted’ technique. This way of painting walls consists of painting the bottom half of the wall one color and the other half in another tone.

To use this technique, it’s recommended that you always use the darkest color on the bottom part of the walls. And use the lighter color in the top part of the wall. In this fashion, the darker color will weigh more and you’ll be creating a visual balance on your walls.

In light of this, you could try painting your walls with a shade of gray on the bottom of the walls and white on top. Then, you could include some decorations in silver, and you’ll be ready to go! The result will be a gorgeous combination of neutral and silver tones on your walls.

Dark gray/black together with silver

Another trend in interior decor is to use very dark neutral colors with silver as a feature. This could also suit your home really well. Just make sure you take care not to create a room that’s too dark. So, if you want to use dark gray or black for your walls it’s recommended that you just paint one wall or even just a portion of a wall.

After painting, you could hang a beautiful mirror with a silver plated frame and impressive design. You could also hang some photo frames with silver frames or wall clocks in the same color. Include the feature items you desire in these colors and decorate your rooms.

Wallpaper in various tones

You can use wall paper in neutral and silver tones to decorate a bedroom with style

Another option you could try is to use wallpaper. It’s very common these days in interior design. The trend has returned and with beautiful and interesting designs. You could choose a pretty wallpaper in silver, with geometric or organic figures, according to your personal style.

By doing so, you’ll achieve a subtle yet elegant texture for the walls of your house. Also, it won’t be necessary to add other feature items on top of the wallpaper.

Combine the neutral and silver tones that you like best and in a way that will suit the rest of your home decor. Take into account the latest trends with these colors and combinations and you will be able to create elegant rooms in your house.