The Best Colors to Freshen Up Your Home

Want to freshen up your home? These are that you want to be using.
The Best Colors to Freshen Up Your Home

Last update: 22 October, 2018

When you’re looking to decorate and match decorative objects, fabrics, furniture and walls, color is key. We’d like to give you some color recommendations to freshen up your rooms. This will also create lively, lovely spaces for your home.

If you’re thinking about giving your rooms a face-lift, repainting some rooms, or getting new pillows or furniture, don´t forget what’s crucial to consider when choosing the colors that’ll surround you every day.

Lighting is fundamental

The lighting– both natural and artificial– in all of your rooms is fundamental. So, you should choose colors that can accent a room’s lighting. If you have a good flow of natural light in your home, pairing it with colors that showcase is essential.

We recommend light colors such as white, off-white, chalk white or even a light gray to freshen your walls. These colors will take care of carrying the light all the way through to even the small corners of your home. On top of that, it’ll be much easier to match decor elements with neutral wall colors.

Light Colors Walls

Another interesting idea to showcase light is by using mirrors in your home. Mirrors create more visual space while helping reflect both natural and artificial light.

If you’d like to freshen up your walls, we recommend painting one or two walls of a room in a cool color.

Cool colors give rooms tranquility and an air of freshness. Depending on your personal preferences as well as the objects that you have in your home, you could try using several colors that’ll freshen things up. We’ll show you the colors that we recommend so that you can get started painting your home.

Green tones

In the world of green, some popular shades include olive, l aurel and aquamarine. These shades of green work great with off-white, or any neutral color, to lighten up your rooms.

Blue never fails

Blue tones such as aqua, turquoise, light blue and even a stronger shade like dark blue could be key players for a beach home. They’re perfect for homes near water, allowing you to match its colors by using them in your home. Try using them with white, a light gray or even with beige.


Violet-shades like magenta, purple and even pastel pink will also freshen up your spaces. Using them with colors such as white or Off-white will offer a nice contrast for your rooms.

Matching your walls with other objects

To achieve perfect harmony with all of the elements that surround you in your home, you need to envision them all to create one single composition. This means that you’ll need to think about all your decorative pieces before choosing the color to freshen things up.

Depending on the look that your home currently has or the one that you want to create, choosing the right furniture, pillows, rugs, pictures and accessories is essential for creating a fresh, tranquil atmosphere.

Fresh Home accessories


If you’re using a stronger color for your home walls, we suggest looking for lighter furniture, or pieces in warm tones. Using light wood furniture will help add some of that warmth that your home needs. The light warm colors of the wood, along with colors such as olive green or aqua blue, will look beautiful in your living room.


The fabrics that you use in your home “dress up” your rooms. Adapting their colors and textures to your home’s colors is essential. You can play around with different colors by using different pillows on your living room sofa.

As we’ve shared with you, using these choice colors in your home will make it a truly special place.

Remember that you’ll be creating a composition in your rooms. This means you have to match all of the other elements and consider their layout. Step up to the challenge and bring freshness and tranquility into your home.