4 Ways to Add a Little Summer to Your Home

Summer is getting closer. Discover how you can decorate your home for its arrival.
4 Ways to Add a Little Summer to Your Home

Last update: 03 October, 2018

In today’s post, we’ll leave you with some summery ideas for your home. We all might dream of having a beach house, but we can bring the look into any apartment, wherever we might live.

As you’ll read below, you don’t even need to change your home top to bottom for the look. You’ll just need a few details for a successful transformation.

Summer is a season for rest; so we’ll need to design with comfort in mind to enjoy it even more.

So, we’re giving you 4 ideas. We hope that they’re helpful.

1. Choosing summery prints

When we say summery prints, we’re referring to fabrics such as pillows, bedspreads (thin and light ones), blankets..

These pieces have impact in any decor scheme.

You could choose fabrics that have summery patterns or themes.

Summer fabrics patterns themes

A great example is the tropical trend that uses blue, yellow and green tones. It’s a style that works wonderfully for spring and summer. As for the most popular patterns – try pineapples, parrots, flamingos or plants.

The nautical style is another one to try; it’ll definitely have its own presence with its different shades of blues and whites. The motifs that you’ll most often see in nautical themes are fish, anchors, seahorses and starfish in addition to waves and boats.

Our last pattern recommendation is floral prints that are bright, colorful and lively.

All of these options will look great if your home has white walls and/or furniture.

2. Prepare your garden or patio

Now is the best time to use your garden, deck or patio. You can go crazy with plants that, in addition to having health benefits, look beautiful too.

For a more summery feel, use colorful flower pots, or ones that have an original design. You can even decorate them yourself at home.

Summer garden patio

If you have enough space, try hanging a hammock or setting up a lawn chair. We know you’ll use it plenty. You can find them in any store, such as IKEA. You also have the option of ordering online.

Now is your chance to create an outdoor reading nook, where you can peacefully spend your summer afternoons. Try adding some furniture that use natural fibers for a simple, beautiful touch.

When the sun sets, consider lighting up your patio with string lights, which you could also make at home as a DIY project. Lanterns would also work as well.

3. Fresh fragrances for a summer feel

Though it’s always important, a fresh fragrance is especially essential for the summer. We recommend ventilating your home every day. Be careful not to do this during the hottest times of the day.

In addition to the fresh air, you’ll also be able to enjoy the fragrance from the flowers in your garden, especially if you chose aromatic ones.

Summer fragrance

On the same note, you can also try using air fresheners or homemade candles. Try choosing or making ones with floral or fruit notes, which are very reminiscent of summer.

You can arrange the candles on plates or colorful and patterned trays. We also recommend using pots.

4. Changing accessories

Last but not least, try decorating your home with new accessories and decor pieces, no matter how small they are.

For example, on the nautical theme that we mentioned earlier, you could use a glass bottle (blue would be a nice color here) that contains a miniature boat or a roll of paper.

Summer details accessories

Another idea to try is marine animal  vinyl decals, or anchor and shell ones. They’ll give rooms like your bathroom or child’s room some original and cute detail.

There’s also the typical lifesaver with red, blue or white strips. You can find padded ones and use them as a decorative pillow.

And we have to think about lighting. You need to brighten your rooms, meaning that using light curtains to let in plenty of light is ideal.


We hope that you can find some inspiration from these ideas. You really just have to make sure that your summer pieces and fabrics don’t clash with your normal home decor.

You can make most of the decor pieces yourself for a more summery home (string lights, decorated flower pots, candles…). And, if you have kids at home, they’ll really have fun with the projects.

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