5 Ideas for Painting the Walls of Your Home

Among these ideas for painting the walls of your home you'll find dots, stripes and textures. Choose the design that you like the most and give a new look to your spaces.
5 Ideas for Painting the Walls of Your Home

Last update: 27 May, 2021

If you’re one of those people who like changes in designs and colors, these ideas for painting the walls of your home are going to enchant you. The best thing is that you won’t have to invest a lot of money and you can do it yourself. In a short time, you’ll have a completely different and very original home.

Five ideas for painting your walls

Here are five ideas for painting the walls of your home that’ll give a unique touch to each room. Feel free to use one or more of these ideas according to your personal spaces and tastes.

1. Add texture

Add texture with the help of a sponge.

Currently there are many options and products on the market to add texture to your walls, one of these is the wall covering. But if you’re looking for something more discreet and economical, then create this using a sponge. Here are the steps you can take to achieve this visual and textured effect:

  • Choose a paint color that contrasts with the base color of your walls.
  • Mix the paint with a little water to make it lighter.
  • Dampen the sponge, remove excess paint, and begin tapping it onto the wall.
  • If you consider it necessary, go over the areas you want to darken with the sponge.

2. Don’t be afraid of stripes!

Stripes are one of the ideas to paint the walls.

Stripes on the walls are a decorative option that doesn’t go out of style. With stripes, you’ll add color and versatility to your spaces. You can make them horizontal to create larger spaces; vertical to give height; random to add a touch of originality; zigzag to innovate and join the stripes with a meeting point to attract attention to that spot.

Follow these directions to paint striped walls yourself:

  • Choose the color that’ll be the base and paint the entire wall. You can also keep the base you already have and choose a color to contrast.
  • After the base is dry, define the direction your stripes will have and divide the spaces with painter’s tape for more defined stripes.
  • Paint the defined stripes with the second color, they can be one or more colors, depending on the design you’ve chosen.
  • When it’s dry, remove the tape carefully.
  • With a small brush, go over any stripes that require it.

3. Dare to paint dots or polka dots for painting your walls

Make the stitches with a cap or template.

The dots or polka dots are another one of the trends that never go out of style and provides originality. They’re one of the inevitable designs when it comes to vintage style. They can vary in their size, depending on the style you want to give. The only recommendation is to choose a single wall of your space to decorate it in this way.

Follow these steps to paint your own dots:

  • Choose the size of the dots you want to decorate the wall with.
  • You can use a mold, toilet paper tube, jar lids, or empty cans.
  • Lightly mark the dots with a soft pencil, that’s unnoticeable.
  • Paint your dots with a brush, or a sponge, depending on the effect you want to achieve.
  • Let them dry and review the ones you need to modify.

4. Use decorative templates for painting your walls

Use a stencil to decorate your walls.

Decorative templates and stencils for painting are wonderful. They offer us multiple options and are easy to handle. When it comes to painting your walls with a single pattern that needs to be repeated over and over again, get one that’s sturdy. This is how easy it is to apply this idea:

  • Choose the template with the design you’re going to use.
  • Secure the template to begin replicating the design and use painter’s tape to keep it in place.
  • Prepare the paint and apply it using a roller.
  • If you want to give it a blurred look, you can use a sponge.

5. Dividing the walls with color

Another idea to paint the walls is to divide them with different colors.

If you like color combinations, but don’t like repetitive designs such as the ones we’ve mentioned, you can choose two or more colors to divide the walls. You can even choose a fraction of the wall to apply a combination of the ideas that we’ve given you. For example, paint only one-half with stripes, dots or textures.

  • In this case, divide the spaces with painter’s tape and apply the chosen colors to make the divisions with a brush or roller.
  • Once dry, carefully remove the tape and go over any dividing lines with a brush, if required.

Create your own ideas for painting your walls!

These ideas for painting your walls will be great, don’t hesitate to try them! Give your home a bold new look; you can even invent your own ideas and designs. All with the aim of achieving a personalized and welcoming space.