Wall Decorations: 7 Types of Wall Coverings For Your Home

Different types of wall coverings allow you to decorate while "hiding" some imperfections. Choose the option that best suits your tastes and style.
Wall Decorations: 7 Types of Wall Coverings For Your Home

Last update: 06 January, 2019

If instead of painting you want something different for the walls of your home, keep reading this article! We’ll tell you what types of wall decorations you can use.

Different types of wall decorations allow us to decorate and also “hide” some imperfections. Choose an option that best suits your tastes and style.

Types of wall decorations: which one do I choose?

If you want to give life to your walls, you have several options. One is to cover them. There are different types of coverings you can use, according to your tastes, budget, and of course, the decorative style of the room.

1. Wood

Wooden panels are a great choice for a room, hallway, or even the exterior of your home. There are many advantages since they cover any imperfections on the wall. In addition, they insulate both acoustically and thermally. Therefore, they help block out noise from the street and keep heat in during the winter.

Also, this is one of the most common types of wall decorations due to the warmth and elegance it brings to the environment. You should bear in mind that if you choose natural wood, maintenance takes a long time. Therefore, a good alternative is imitation wood.

Wood is a popular option for wall decorations.

2. Ceramics, slate, and stone

If your budget is somewhat limited, you can always choose artificial alternatives rather than natural. There are very good quality versions where you can hardly tell the difference. However, there is a huge difference in price.

Ceramic, stone, or slate are an interesting way to cover the room in a beautiful way. However, be careful about how many walls you cover. You don’t want to overload the space and lose the desired effect.

3. Marble

Maybe you relate marble to the kitchen, bathroom, or patio. However, you can use to for a variety of environments since it’s available in several colors. It gives an elegant and distinguished look to the wall.

On the other hand, this one of the most expensive types of wall decorations on the market. The good thing is that you don’t need a lot. You can decide to use it in just one sector of the wall. In addition, you can always use an imitation, which can be quite good.

4. Tiles

We also relate tiles to the kitchen and bathroom. However, tiles are becoming more popular to cover walls in other environments. As long as you use them in moderation, they look great. Also, they’re super easy to clean.

You can place tiles, for example, in a child’s room, a busy hallway, and, of course, outdoors. Some tiles imitate other materials in an amazing way.

Tiles are another option for wall decorations.

5. Natural fibers

On the other hand, if you like more natural or ecological options, you can choose natural fibers to cover your walls. Among these fibers, you can choose cork or other fabrics. The main advantage of these types of wall decorations is that they create distinct areas very well. In addition, they give an original appearance to the environment.

Unfortunately, these coverings require maintenance. Also, as time passes, they deteriorate and you’ll need to change them.

6. Wallpaper

Maybe you think that putting wallpaper on the walls is old-fashioned. However, it’s increasingly common in modern homes or for those who want to emulate the English style with flowers on the walls.

There is a great variety of wallpaper options nowadays. These can be perfect in your living room or in a child’s room. If something happens to the wallpaper or you get bored of it, it’s as simple as removing it and putting up another one.

7. Mirrors

Another type of wall decoration you can choose is mirrors. Mirrors create a feeling of spaciousness. It’ll make your room feel twice as big!

In addition, you can also choose mirrors if you want to bring light to spaces and fluidity between rooms. However, because it is a cold material, you’ll want to combine it with warmer ones. Also, you can consider vinyl stick-on mirrors or choose different colors.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more avant-garde for an office or shop, metal is perfect. It’s ideal to combine with brick, cement, or concrete. And you can decorate with recycled elements!