Winter Decoration: Tips for Cozy Winter Decor

As we welcome the cold, you can prepare your home with warm and cozy winter decoration. Let's take a look!
Winter Decoration: Tips for Cozy Winter Decor

Last update: 15 December, 2018

Sometimes the cold knocks on the door and sometimes it just sneaks in through the cracks in your house. You make changes to your wardrobe in winter, but you can also make changes to your home to create beautiful winter decoration.

Making small changes to your decoration as the seasons change is necessary. On the one hand, you adapt your needs to the climate. On the other hand, it gives your lifestyle rhythm and even affects how you feel. Whether you believe it or not, your mood can be determined by the seasons.

In the winter, it’s time to make your home cozy with blankets on the sofa for friends who come to visit. It can also be a time to create spaces that lend themselves more to introspection, reading, and quiet, comforting activities.

Therefore, we’ll give you some tips to create a warm, cozy feel in your home. By adding some small touches here or there, you’ll achieve winter decoration worthy of a magazine.

8 keys to creating winter decoration

1. With wood

Undoubtedly, wood is a material that brings warmth to any space. It is also super versatile and can be combined with both classic and modern styles. In the winter, look for wood with personality and texture, so aged wood is a must.

Winter decoration with wood can be beautiful.

2. Blankets for the cold

Winter is a great time for evenings on the couch. This means that blankets and throws are important. But be careful! Don’t just leave them in a mess on a chair. The idea is to integrate them with the rest of the decor. How? Pick colors that match, beautiful patterns, and luxurious fabrics.

And when you’re not using your blankets, you can store them in large wicker baskets or painted wooden boxes by your sofa.

3. A game of textures

Winter is the perfect season for playing with fabrics. Say goodbye to cotton and linen. Instead, welcome wools and knits. Cashmere or chunky, crocheted blankets are great options. They are perfect to put at the foot of your bed. It’s even better if you make the crocheted blanket yourself since crocheting has various health benefits.

4. Thick pile carpets

The time has also come to think about your floors. This time of year, a thick, plush carpet can be perfect. One chic alternative is to leave your neutral-colored carpet in place and place a thicker, smaller one on top.

High pile carpets can be great for winter decoration.

5. Colors of the forest

This color palette can transform a room. It takes you directly into the forest with a wide range of light and shadow. Ochre, earth tones, green moss, and orange are perfect for giving your home a touch of warmth in the winter. You can add these tones easily by changing cushions, bedding, or rugs. You’ll notice the difference!

6. Natural prints

Nature is a perfect muse. In addition to influencing your well-being, nature also offers colors, textures, and shapes for winter decoration. Ferns are a perfect example for winter. You’ll see their long and delicate leaves in paintings and prints. Flowers in ochre or garnet tones, pines, and even animals such as deer give off a distinctive winter feel.

Ochre is a perfect color for winter decoration.

7. DIY accessories

If you can, make it yourself. This is the perfect season to use leaves and fruits to create beautiful and striking centerpieces. Use nuts, chestnuts, small pumpkins, olive leaves, pineapples… They will last a long time and can give off a natural smell that you’ll love.

8. Soft lighting

Warmth and lighting go hand in hand. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, use candles. You can also consider small table lamps to achieve a more intimate atmosphere. Chandeliers can be great for special occasions.

With these small changes, your house will be full of welcoming winter decoration. These tips will help you create a warm, cozy feel in an easy and colorful way.

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