DIY Decorations: Decorate and Save Money with these 4 Ideas

Instead of buying new decorations, you can make them yourself and save money. We'll show you some beautiful ideas to try for DIY decoration.
DIY Decorations: Decorate and Save Money with these 4 Ideas

Last update: 19 October, 2018

If you want to make your own decorations, you first need to understand that it’s all about reusing the things that you already have at home. Recycling and reusing, in addition to being conscious of what objects we use and throw out, is crucial for taking care of the environment.

Creating something new out of recycled materials can also be a fun project that could clear our mind and help us to be crafty. You could make both decorative or functional items. For our craft and design lovers, we’ll show you some interesting DIY decoration ideas to try at home.

Before you throw out any ordinary object, think twice. If you want to change your home and have old objects laying around, recycling and reusing them could be a great idea. You could make interesting home decoration elements. Below, we’ll show you some original ideas to get started.

1. Reuse an old guitar

If you’re a musician, or if you have one in your family, and have an old guitar that nobody uses anymore, you could make a little wonderful decorative shelf out of it. First, remove the top layer of the guitar. If you need help, you should look up a local carpenter. Bleach and paint the wood if you think it’s necessary.

Then, place two or more small wooden shelves in the guitar’s interior. You’ll have a small guitar-shaped shelf to place small items such as flower pots or vases, or whatever you want. Try painting the guitar completely white; it’ll give it an aged look. You’ll be amazed at how lovely it’ll be. Another idea is trying some Christmas string lights in the inside. The lights will give a special glow to your new shelf.

Then, go ahead and hang the guitar on a wall, decorating it with music and plenty of style. Make sure that you really want to do this craft. Try using an old guitar that can’t be played anymore. Guitars are expensive instruments and if you try this craft, there’s no going back.

DIY decor guitar

2. DIY decoration with teacups

This craft is super original and cute, especially for tea and plant lovers. Look for antique teacups or use the ones that are in the back of your cabinets, just collecting dust. If you want, repaint them and decorate them however you like.

These teacups will serve as your new, small and stylish pots. Plant something small in them, like a cactus or a succulent. They also look great with a bunch of colorful flowers. You can use them in your living room as center piece for your coffee table.

3. Make a frame out of wine corks

There are countless ways to reuse wine corksYou can make your own cork frame to hold your most treasured photos. There are several ways to go about it. If you want to use the corks just as they are, just attach them end-to-end onto a surface.

Use a strong glue, applying it to the end of a cork and line them up. It’s up to you if you want to paint them or not.

Another option is to cover a surface with the corks, but not as a frame. Hang it up on a wall and use it to pin up your pictures, cards or notes. It’ll look lovely on a bedroom wall or next to your desk.

4. Glass bottle flower vases

You probably use glass bottles often at home. A beautiful idea for recycling your bottles is painting them in pastel colors. Try painting them inside out with a little acrylic paint in pastel tones such as pink, green, sky blue or yellow. If you have several different-sized bottles, they’ll make a fabulous shelf decoration just as they are.

You can also use your glass bottles as a flower vase. By placing a single, long-stemmed flower in each bottle, your bottles and other DIY projects could embellish any shelf. Get started and fill your house with flowers with pastel-colored bottles.

DIY Decor flower vase

You can make these, and many other things, by trying out your DIY decoration skills. Remember to always use the items that you normally throw out and try to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary for your home.

You could decorate, create functional crafts, and add detail to your walls, tables, shelves or balcony. All you need to do is reuse the objects that you have laying around or those that you don’t use anymore. You’ll be saving money, while creating something new at the same time.

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