Decorate your Home with Crystal Bottles

Using glass bottles to decorate your home is an economic and environmentally-friendly way to make your home more beautiful. In this article we'll give you four ideas that we think you'll love.
Decorate your Home with Crystal Bottles

Last update: 11 October, 2018

Having glass bottles to decorate is a trendy thing to do. Decorating our home with glass bottles is economical and respectful to the environment. They give a unique, personal touch to our home.

Glass bottles are perfect for any room in the house. From living rooms, bathrooms, entrances to the house, kitchens, gardens, and offices.

In addition, glass bottles are very easy to find. We use them daily to drink from. Think of all the wine bottles, alcoholic beverages, and glass jars we use.

1. Essential oils

We can use glass bottles to decorate our home and also use them as air fresheners.

The smell in our home is something very important. It’s essential that our home has a pleasant fragrance and at the same time is characteristic of our personalities and tastes. You can easily go shopping and find a host of fragrances that will give a unique touch to your home.

glass bottle

Sure, you could find one of these already pre-made at a store, but what’s better than putting something together yourself? This process is very simple. All you need is essential oil and a bottle.

The bottle can be any size that you want. Mix the essential oil with water in the bottle and use dry lavender, vanilla, or cinnamon sticks to make the fragrance spread throughout your home, and that’s it! You have made your own air freshener.

2. Pendant and table lamps

Another idea we want to give you is to use glass bottles to decorate by using them as pendants and table lamps.

For the first option you’ll need to remove the bottom of the bottle. You can cut it yourself. You’ll find plenty of tutorials online on how to do this. However, you can also take your bottle to a special glass shop and let them do it for you.

Once the bottle no longer has a bottom, you’ll need a cable with a bowler hat and a light bulb. The next step is very simple. Place the cable where you want to place your lamp. Then pass the cylinder into the bottle and finally screw in the bulb.

wine lights

The great thing about this idea is that you can make a composition of several bottles and thus create a large pendant lamp.

For the table lamp you’ll need glass liquor bottles. You’ll need to make a small hole in the back of the bottle. This hole is for the cable to connect it to the electricity. Obviously you’ll also need cable with a bowler hat, a bulb, and a lamp shade.

To finish, all you have to do is join all the pieces and connect it to electricity.

3. Storage: glass bottles to decorate

Storing food can also be a form of decoration. This is especially true if the bottles we use are pretty and full of colorful foods.

For this idea you’ll need wide or narrow neck bottles. For example, water bottles or canning jars are perfect for this technique. These will allow you to store non-perishable foods such as flour, chickpeas, beans, or seeds.

special crystal bottles

If you want, you can leave the bottles in their original color. But the idea is for them to be transparent so that you can see what’s inside of them.

You can also put on a sticker where you can write what’s in the bottles. This idea is great for kitchens where you have open shelves without doors or drawers. In this way you can create compositions with glass bottles to decorate the walls of the kitchen. This is also a perfect way to organize everything in your kitchen.

You can play with the colors of the food as well. The results are actually unique and very beautiful. 

4. For oil and vinegar

To accomplish this, you’ll need special glass paints, a lot of creativity, and a good intuition.

oil and vinegar bottles

This idea consists of decorating your glass bottles with paint and then putting in a special stopper for the oil and vinegar. This is a great way to use glass bottles. They’ll decorate your shelves or tables nicely, and may just leave your guests with their mouths open in awe of your creativity.


Using glass bottles to decorate your house is an economical and ecological option for you to consider.

You can use glass bottles that you’ve used yourself. Also, many restaurants or coffee shops throw away their glass products at the end of the day, and you could consider asking them if they’ll give them to you.

Obviously there are many other ways to use glass bottles to decorate. You can use them as vases or containers for non-food items. However, in today’s article we wanted to give you a list of unusual ideas that you maybe hadn’t thought about before.