How to Decorate with Marble

Marble is a safe decor move. It always looks good and goes well with other decor elements.

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Marble is a material that we’re seeing everywhere in homes. There’s no question about the popularity of marble decor.

In ancient times, marble was one of the most popular materials for interior design. It was a symbol of wealth and status. And it’s come back into style today.

If you want to know how to use marble in your home, read our ideas on how to decorate with marble.

Characteristics of marble

Marble is a material that projects elegance in addition to being a material that’s very strong and compact.

Marble comes in a variety of colors: yellow, pink, brown… Travertine marble is the most common kind of marble, which has a beige, sandy color.

You can use it in modern, rustic or even classical style decor. Additionally, there are different marble finishes so you can enhance your home decor with it.

Thanks to its underlying white color, all the different kinds of marble can match with any color. They go exceptionally well with copper or gold, which is currently a very hot trend.

There’s no doubt that marble is a beautiful material. It transmits clean lines thanks to its shiny finish.

Marble decor elements

While marble is an expensive material, you can still use little pieces of marble throughout your home without having to spend a fortune. There are plenty of marble decor accessories that you can buy, giving your home that expensive looking air.

Recently, interior designers all over the world are turning to marble for their decor projects. We can see a lot of marble on countertops, cabinets, wallpaper patterns, and floors. Below, we’ll show you how to use marble.


As we mentioned earlier on, marble is a very strong, impermeable and hygienic material. Its qualities are the reason why marble is such a great option for kitchen countertops. It’s very versatile. You could use it with a classic decor style or even a modern one.

Marble 1

Marble and copper make the perfect pair for kitchen countertops. They give kitchens something different and a little personality.

You have to be careful when cleaning because marble can be damaged by cleaning products. Additionally, make sure not to put anything that’s too hot on it because this could leave a permanent mark.

Marble pattern wallpaper

Wallpaper that looks like marble is a hot idea that’s been really popular this year. It’s especially good if you’re looking to create an elegant space because a marble pattern offers finesse.

You shouldn’t use this kind of wallpaper to cover an entire room. Instead, use it to cover one wall to highlight the marble design.

In the living room, you could try covering the wall where your sofas are. Or, you could try it on your kitchen’s main wall. To add a little warmth to the overall decor, try using it with other accessories like vinyl decals or frames.

Marble tables

Marble tables are currently a very trendy decor piece for living rooms. Your living room’s decor style doesn’t really matter because marble can fit in anywhere thanks to its versatility.

Marble 2

Though it’d be pricier, you could opt for a table that’s completely made of marble; or, you could try a table that uses a mix of materials. For example, you could try a marble table with wooden or metal legs, depending on if you want a more rustic or industrial style.

Marble in the bathroom

Whether for countertops or even the sink itself, marble has been used in bathrooms for years.

We’re starting to see a lot of marble on shower walls. People are turning to marble because it makes a room feel clean.

Marble also works for tiles. They can give a bathroom a more personal feel. However, you have to be careful about using marble tiles for bathroom floors because they’re quite slippery.

Other ideas for marble objects

In every decor magazine, we see marble pieces. There is marble in light fixtures, pots, cutting boards, and even in frames and decorative boards.

Marble 3

Using marble in basic everyday objects like cups, candleholders or trays can give them a little more personality.

In many cases, a balance arises from a mix of styles. Using marble with different styles like classic and rustic looks can create a cleaner, more elegant ambiance for a room. Going in a different direction, using marble in a Nordic or modern setting can really set a modern, fresh and minimalist tone.

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