Natural Bathrooms: How to Integrate Nature into Your Decor

If you're thinking about redecorating your bathroom and choosing a natural scheme, we'll give you some a original ideas.
Natural Bathrooms: How to Integrate Nature into Your Decor

Last update: 20 December, 2018

The bathroom is an intimate space to wash and relax every day. In general, it’s usually combined with natural aspects that integrate into the scheme. Natural bathrooms create a fresh look that encourages relaxation the minute you walk in.

For this reason, incorporating natural elements and creating natural bathrooms is a great idea. You’ll love the look of green plants, stones, wood, and natural and rustic textures in your bathroom.

In addition, contact with natural elements can help you relax and feel good. We’ll give you some original ideas to integrate nature into your bathroom.

Ideal location for natural bathrooms

If you want a natural bathroom, the ideal location is on the ground floor so it can be close to your garden. A great idea is to incorporate sliding glass doors. This way, you can access your garden directly and have amazing baths in the summer with the doors open. In addition, large windows will provide lots of natural light to your bathroom.

Natural bathrooms are perfect places for relaxation.


If you have a spacious bathroom with high ceilings, you’ll have more possibilities when decorating. You can incorporate taller elements and create lots of light. Remember to have a good system of natural and artificial lighting. It’s also very helpful if you use light colors on the walls, such as chalk or white.

Small garden in your bathroom

A highly recommended option to integrate nature into your bathroom is to create a small garden within it. If you have a large bathroom, you can set aside a corner to create your own garden. Pick a corner and choose several tropical plants with large green leaves.

In addition, you can also put several rocks and stones of large or medium size to accentuate the natural style. Also, lighting in this corner with small lights on the floor with help create a tropical and beautiful touch.

Natural materials in your bathroom

If you want to accentuate the natural aspects of your bathroom, it’s not enough just to put in some plants. You can also use wood and stone to give texture to furniture and accessories.

Incorporating wood

On the floors and walls

Wood is one of the most popular natural materials for bathrooms. You can use wood on the floor and on the walls, for example. Also, bear in mind that using wood in a bathroom means that it needs to be treated with anti-humidity products. If you introduce raw wood with no treatments, it will become damaged, rotten, or warped from the moisture.

Adding wood is a great way to create natural bathrooms.

Decorative wooden slabs

Cuts of logs are popular elements to create natural spaces. Therefore, you can use several wooden slabs as decorative elements or just use them as a base for planters. Also, you can just stack them in a mismatched way to decorate an empty corner.

Rustic furniture

In addition, wooden furniture, such as countertops or wooden chairs, in the bathroom is a beautiful way to create a natural look. Always remember to treat any wood with anti-humidity treatments.

Incorporating stone

On the walls

Stone on the inside of your bathroom can make you feel like you’re outside. This cool, resistant, and natural material on one of the walls of your bathroom will give a rustic and unique look.

You can incorporate a single stone wall and paint the rest of the walls in light gray and white tones. You’ll transform and decorate your bathroom in a natural way.

Natural bathrooms are original ways to bring the outside in.

Under the sink

A beautiful alternative is to put small stones under the sink. Try to make a small container to put them in. This is a nice decorative element that will accentuate and provide a natural detail to your bathroom.

Decorate your mirror with plants

One option is to decorate the mirror over the sink with plants. You can incorporate creeping pants or palm leaves all over the wall. This way, it’s not necessary to frame your mirrors. Also, you’ll feel at one with nature when you use them.

Try to clean your bathroom often because plants can make things dirty.

You can create a clean, original, and natural space to enjoy.

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